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Author Topic: Major fall on right knee resulting in Bursitis at first, now 24/7 pain.  (Read 1019 times)

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Hi all,

Ok, i'll try to give as brief a rundown as possible on situation.. and it goes a little something like this..

Prior to this incident i have NEVER had any major injuries/bumps/problems etc to my knees.

May 07 2004 - fell over on a concrete floor due to it having just been mopped and no signage, landed with all my weight on right kneecap.

Thought i was ok, we all bump ourselves during day to day life, and continued on my way. No major damage IMMEDIATELY apparent, just the usual tenderness, slight swelling etc.

A week or two later, i start having problems when i walk in that i feel a sharp pain radiating from the back of my knee upwards and downwards in the motion of stride from bring leg from back to front motion, almost making it impossible to walk and feeling like somethings dislocated. Eventually it goes away.

every so often, my knee ached etc but no major hindrance, until....i try to get back into the gym and go running.. forget it!.. not even a minute on the treadmill and i'm in pain!! So i stop and when i get a chance go to see my doctor who sends me for x-rays, these show nothing wrong. Still having problems but seems to be more frequent since trying the treadmill. Eventually i ask for an ultrasound, this shows fluid under the kneecap/bursitis and physio is suggested. I try as much as much as i can to keep to the program but it doesn't seem to be helping, if anything the pain just gets worse and i've cut out all of the major activites i used to do because i don't want to do myself more harm than good not knowing what's wrong.

Go o.s for a month and do nothing but lounge around and in that time there were two days where i was in tears because i couldn't put weight on my leg at all or walk without having that slicing sensation.

It's now a year since the accident and my work and the insurance company have finally decided to take notice and do what they should have done a year ago (yep, a work place injury folks!.. which received NO attention and/or guidence from the necessary people when it happened). So, i've been sent for a bone scan which shows evidence of a previous injury (that being the one sustained at work) but nothing else major. Had an MRI done which shows a 'chondral/chondural? ulcer' and bruising under the kneecap. I asked the specialist how on earth i'd get an ulcer under the kneecap and he said arthritis.

i have a few questions that i'm hoping someone might be able to give me advice on and they are...

1: is there some kind of general arthritis deterioration timeline or can it come on all of a sudden?

2: is it possible for someone who has had no prior history of arthritis (knee or otherwise) to go from having no problems to problems of such a degree that they virtually have to cease most activities that they previously enjoyed in the space of 12 months?

3: i have found that on a 24/7 basis, my knee aches, not always in the same spot but enough to keep me awake sometimes at night. sometimes i get a bit of pain in the front of my kneecap when getting up and down stairs and sometimes it radiates outward from the centre of the back of my knee. i can't even run across the road to get the bus without it feeling like something's splintering and then when i've stopped movement i get major aching going on. Bending doesn't hurt but it feels tight across the front of my knee. Even my intimate relationship is affected. when doing no activity at all, it just aches, sometimes the occassional 'pulse' or twinge. My question is pretty much the same in regards to this as it is with question number 2. Is it possible to go from no pain to such degree of it in the space of 12 months if it is arthritis? Does arthritis work that way? just all of a sudden you're ok and then in such a short time you're not?

4: They say that arthritis is part of the aging process but i'm not THAT old, i'd only just turned 34 when i started having persistant knee pain (after a fall). Is it possible that an injury or major blow/impact to the knee could bring hasten/compound/contribute to/bring about the onset etc of.. arthritis?

I have absolutely no knowledge of how arthritis works, is caused etc but i find it hard to swallow that the doctor is trying to explain pain that has gone from non existant to full speed ahead in just 12 months as being arthritis. I know it's due to deterioration etc but didn't think it was that quick!! I'm more inclined to think that this is all resulting from a fall/major impact to the knee, that wasn't treated when it should have been and the problems have just compounded along the way.

Oops, so much for the briefness of I'd greatly appreciate any advice etc that anyone would have on this.


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It's amazing how many people get diagnosed with "arthritic pain" after a traumatic injury, having had no previous history of pain.  I think it's total crap myself and I think you should find a new doctor, preferably one with sports injury experience who knows more about degrees of injury and the kind of pain they cause.  Arthritis doesn't come on over night, even from an injury.  I have some arthritis in my hand from a hockey injury but it's taken 15 years to get anywhere near bad.

The ulcer could be from the accident, wear and tear or something else- I had one for 10 years after a car accident and it never bothered me once.  Then I slipped on the ice, tore my meniscus and was diagnosed with "chronic patella damage"  ???  My OS wanted to do all this realignment surgeryto "fix" it but I wouldn't let him!

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You're absolutely right!... it seems to be a term bandied about when they have no idea (you have arthritis [read: joint inflammation - no sh%t!]). My G.P, who i've been with since 1989 agrees with me in that there's no way it could just 'flare up' out of nowhere and that if that's what they, the insurance company, is going with then as far as he's concerned it's the injury that's aggrevated it, or something else altogether. either way, the bruising and subsequenct ulcer is a direct result of the injury. Nice to have a doctor who talks to you like a human being..  :)

Thanks so much for your input! and i hope all goes well with regards to your torn meniscus! One thing i've learnt from looking at this site is it always pays to never go with the first opinion, to get a second one and trust your own intuition.

Good luck with everything!