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Author Topic: ACL and Meniscus Repair Driving Time  (Read 1151 times)

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ACL and Meniscus Repair Driving Time
« on: June 29, 2005, 09:42:13 AM »
  This is a fantastic site, and has been very helpful to me.  I'm 22, and I severed my ACL, caused a minor tear in my MCL, as well as tearing my lateral and medial menisci on my left leg when I was hit playing football.  The surgery involved an allograft -cadaver- with a partial menisectomy on the lateral, and a repair on the medial.  I'm currently a competitive racecar driver, and am very interested in getting back to operating a manual transmission.  My leg strength is fine, passive range of motion is full, and I am seven weeks post op.  However, my orthopedist's office tells me no manual tranny for another five weeks!  While I intend to take it easy on the race clutches, what is the usual amount of time required before you can get behind the wheel again?  Thanks for any help, and good luck to everyone with knee problems!

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Re: ACL and Meniscus Repair Driving Time
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2005, 01:05:56 PM »

I had an acl recon (hammy autograph) and a bucket handle meniscus repair in the right knee.

I was driving an automatic after 12 days post op.

Good luck!

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Re: ACL and Meniscus Repair Driving Time
« Reply #2 on: June 29, 2005, 06:12:45 PM »
I'm not sure, but that seems like a rather extreme estimate they gave you. I was driving an automatic less than two weeks after my ACL recon, and I was being really cautious because I have a 60-mile interstate commute. I don't drive stick, so I don't know how much more strength it takes to operate the clutch, but it seems like your OS should be able to advise you based on your own recovery pace.

Maybe try sitting in the driver's seat and just going through the motions, and see how comfortable you feel. If you feel good, give your OS a buzz and explain your situation, and maybe they'll adjust their estimate. I'm 24, and not being able to drive was, no doubt, THE worst part of my early recovery (I'm almost 6 weeks post-op), and I'm not even a race driver (though most of the time I drive like it).

Hope you can get that driving date bumped up, I sure feel your pain!
2/2005- injured knee in police academy
4/2005- lateral & medial meniscus cleanup... SURPRISE! ACL is completely torn, too!
5/20/2005- ACL reconstruction (patellar autograft)