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Author Topic: Do you think I can play the Air Walker Machine? I'm sick of Chondromalacia.  (Read 2811 times)

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My doctor said I should not walk so much even flat ground. He said the best sport for me is swimming but the nearest pool is still located far from my house. Therefore I think it is the best if I can exercise at home. Yesterday I went to departmentstore and found Air Walker Machine. The seller said it is best for whom having knee's problem. Do you think I can play it or notas even it's seem I walk in the air but it is still a walk which my doctor said I should not walk so much. Oh........ I feel so hesitated.Please Please advice me.  :(

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Is it one of those which have like pedals going up and down ?
My advice would be call your doc and ask. Maybe it's stupid to buy something you maybe can't use. Or why not ask in the store if you could try it ?
Talk also with your doc about your diffifulties in going to a pool, maybe he can suggest something elese for you.
Hope things goes ok for you.
Hugs Nettan  8)
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No, it is not one that has pedal going up and down. It has pedal but the direction when you are excercising is front and back. How can I explain well! OK Let's see the pic in the link below.

The first three pic are the one that I mentioned

Thank you


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I think you will find this places a lot of stress on your knees.  Unfortunately, any exercise which is weight-bearing has the potential to cause further damage when you have chondromalacia.  Of course, everyone has different levels of damage in different areas, so what works for me may be awful for you, and vice versa.  The best way to find out is to try the exercise and objectively judge your pain levels after a few days.  Try just a few minutes, and only do it every three or four days at first.  I mean literally two or three minutes on Monday and again on Thursday.  If this doesn't hurt, add a few minutes each session, but don't add any more sessions  for a few weeks.  Slow and steady.  And be honest with yourself about whether it hurts--unfortunately, if you are having a lot of pain, it could mean you are causing damage or irritating cartilage that is already softened and less than perfect due to your condition.

Usually doctors recommend biking and swimming, because you are not on your feet bearing weight during these forms of exercise.  So even if you have to travel to a pool, it might be worth it.  Or trade in this Air Walking machine (which looks like what is called a Gazelle here) and get a recumbent bike instead.  These are better and safer (though more boring) than road bikes when you have a knee condition--it would be hard on you to break down on a road bike and have to walk somewhere!

Has your doctor recommended physical therapy?  A PT session or two can show you safe and effective exercises that you can do at home.  Many PT clinics also have exercise programs where patients can come in and use the equipment for a flat price each month, then pay extra if they need one on one attention or treatment from the therapist on occasion.

Hope this helps.  The best thing to do is let your knee be your guide.  Obviously you had some pain or you wouldn't have seen a doctor.  You want to keep from aggravating this pain or making it worse.  It may take MONTHS of special exercises before you begin to feel better.  When I was first diagnosed with PFS, it took about 6 months of daily special exercises and not running & irritating the knee for the pain to finally calm down.

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Do not buy an exercise bike without asking your doctor.  If your chondromalacia is in the trochlear groove or on the back of the patella, repetitive bending can make it worse.  Physios seem to think that every knee patient needs to be on a bike.  In the end, my OS had to talk to the PT (same practice) because I specifically am not allowed to be on a bike.  So don't assume that's safer.

If you're allowed to walk, and he just wants you to do a little less, the machine you noted may work.  I use something similar at the gym 2x a week, and I also use an elliptical machine 2x a week.  I have specific instructions to stay off the treadmill.

Why are these things ok, and the bike/treadmill are not?  The bike requires toomuch bending.  The treadmill is an impact exercise.  Every time you put your foot down - on the sidewalk or on the treadmill, you are causing impact to the knee joint.  The airwalker  you mentioned, and an elliptical machine are pretty much non-impact.  Your weight may shift slightly as you move, but you are not picking the foot up and putting it down.  Therefore, it's often MUCH less stress on the knee joint than walking.

That said - you should look around at all of your options.  Bring photos to your doctor for him to review, and find out what works best for you.  And if you do buy the machine, you will need to build up your time on it.  I started at 10 minutes, 2x week.  It took me about a month, and I now do 30 minutes a time.  I've tried more, but pay for it for 2-3 days afterwards, so I've stopped trying to increase my time on the machine.

Good luck.
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