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Author Topic: I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (Read 879 times)

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I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
« on: June 28, 2005, 04:49:33 PM »
HI, im an 18 (just about 19) year old female from philadelphia, with horrible knee problems.  I had my first arthroscopic surgery when i was 16, due to a torn cartilage, (some was cut off and cleaned up, some repaired/stitched).  And up until about two months ago, i did experience problems, such as my knee giving out, occasional pain, etc.  Anyway, about two months ago, i began experiencing severe knee pain, so naturally i had it checked out.  First i had an MRI which said that there was nothing wrong, but judging by my symptoms, and reading my own MRI scans, i could see and obvious cartilage problem.  I soon went to see my orthopedic doc, who set me up for another scope the following day.  I was right about the cartilage.  Anyway, after the surgery, i was progressing fine, until exactly two weeks after, it was my first time going out in a while, not to get into detail, but i was out doors in a situation where cops came, and before i knew it i was being picked up and ran through the woods.  The boy who was carrying me tripped, fell, and dropped me, and i smacked the side of my knee into the ground.  Then, again, he dropped me directly on top of my knee cap.  Then a second boy (weighing about 250lbs) started carrying me, and tripped, dropped me, i smacked my knee into the ground again, and he fell ontop of it.  Needless to say, i was now in excrutiating pain, and had to return to the docs.  At first i didnt tell him exactly what happend, out of embarrassment, but only that i tripped, fell, and my friend fell ontop of me.  So he simply said i sprained it, and scheduled me to start PT.  Well, my pain was so intense i could not to the PT, i started getting extremely frustruated because i didnt feel the doctor was listening to me, it got to the point where i refused to go in, and sent my mom, b/c i felt like a fool.  Now, at first i thought this doctor was extremely caring, nice, and understanding of my pain (im a girl who has ALOT of tattoos and body piercings, and i have a high pain threshold) but it didnt matter that i was crying in his office.  So, like i said, i sent my mom in to talk to him.  She tried to talk to him for an hour, even though he was particularly understanding, and tried to suggest that maybe i was addicted to pain pills, which is not the case.  He suggested syn visc, and also told her finally that i had stage 3 arthritis (something i guess he just was never going to tell me).  Well after much research on my part of Syn visc, i decided not to get it due to the risks,and possible allergic reactions i most likely would have had if i got them.  So i suggested another scope.  Well its been a little over a week since the 2nd scope, the final diagnosis was Plica syndrome, Patellar tendonitis, bone dents and bruises, and of course, the arthritis.  Now, i had never ever felt pain like this after surgery.  pain i am still in.  I was given a few days doses of percocet, and ran out.  I was in so much pain that i couldnt even move to make it in for my follow up appointment.  And its impossible to get a hold of this doctor by phone.  Its a shame, a post op patient has to be toyed with on the phone, questioned by receptionists, and not put through to her doctor.  A doctor, who has just gone on vacation, and who wont beable to see me for about 8 days.  Now im left suffering, with nothing for pain, i cant sleep, and when i do i wake up moaning and crying.  I even just had to remove me own stitches last night.  I just dont know what to do.  If i should maybe go to another doctor, or something, one who isnt an over confident "celebrity" doc.  If my primary doctor could maybe give me something for pain? im just at a loss here.  im almost 19 years old, ive already had 3 scopes, and i feel like im 90.  I dont even want to go back to that doctors office b/c i honestly just cant take going back for this same routine, where im made to feel like a fool and that i "shouldnt" be in pain.  Oh he also suggest Hylagan shots, but knowing i cant get the syn visc, b/c of a possible alleric reation i could have, don't both of those injections share the same ingredient that is related to chicken/bird material?....this is what im talking about, sometimes i wonder why i even open my mouth at all, b/c he is obviously not listening.  So now, im left hear, and i dont know what to do.  I've already missed half of my summer, im in to much pain to almost move, and the only one trying to help me is my mom.  So please, if anyone could possibly give me names of GOOD CARING ortho's in the philadelphia area/surrounding area's, i would appreciate it very much.  you can email me at [email protected] -please, i'll accept any possible suggestions, i dont know what to do also afraid if i dont start some type of therapy soon that my knee is going to freeze in one position, but i cant do anything now b/c im in too much pain.  PLEASE HELP!-
K.S :'(

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Re: I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
« Reply #1 on: June 28, 2005, 08:29:01 PM »
The first thing that you need to do is get the pain under control. Do you have a family dr that you could go to for pain help? I use my GP for pain management because my OS is in another state and its a really long drive to see him. If you cant see your family dr, how about going to the ER? They could also reccommend a good OS. You need to find a new OS. ONe that listens to you. Go for a second or even a third opinion.
good luck
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