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Author Topic: MRI Results. Comments please? Being told many different things  (Read 751 times)

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Good day all. I would really appreciate some opinions, experiences etc... on my knee situation.  I will be brief.
Motorcycle accident a week ago with large force on left leg pulling it outward to a large degree.
MRI a day ago, and told to come back to ER to see an Ortho surgeon.  I have so far been to ER doc, and sport med Doc. I have been told use an imobilizer splint and no weight, hinged brace and try to use it, and now from the ER doc yesterday, not sure, see the Ortho next week.  So anyway, here is what the MRI says:
-ACL complete tear with a small detached fragment of bone
-Grade 2 MCL tear
-Vertically orinted fracture through medial femoral condyle (where the MCL attaches to the femur ) Fracture is not significantly displaced
-Slight tear of the popliteus tendon
-Tibial plateau bruise / microtrabecular fracture
-Large joint effusion

I am 36 / male. Active.

The ER doc yesterday had a VERY brief phone consult with the on-call ortho surgeon.  The Ortho said no surgery, imobilize, no weight, see me next week.  They have a weekly "super fast" cast call meeting with the ortho and a bunch of patients.  I dont feel like I am getting good advice, and am getting conflicting advice.

I would really appreciate opinions, experiences, etc....

Reply here but cc. on my email [email protected] would be great too.

Thanks much!

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Re: MRI Results. Comments please? Being told many different things
« Reply #1 on: June 25, 2005, 07:14:57 PM »
I'm not entirely sure...sorry!

Could you bear weight on it if you wanted to? In my case I couldn't anyway so it wasn't an option

Your injury sounds fairly similar to mine in march this year. I was immobilised in A&E but when I saw a specialist he told me to keep taking the leg out of the splint and gently bend it(which I couldn't do cos it wouldn't bend)

The immobilising is in case you do more damage. The hinged brace is so you can move without the knee giving way. It was only after the MRI results that my OS told me I should weight bear as tolerated and lose the splint. But(sensibly I feel) he waited til he knew exactly what my problems were.

I think they'll try to sort out the rest of your knee before reconstructing the ACL. In my case I needed an op to remove the loose bit that had broken off. I've been in PT for a LONG time now trying to get full range of motion and strength back in the knee before having a hamstring ACL recon.

Try not to worry and just look after the leg til you get some answers

35 y/o
ACL rupture
loose body under kneecap
impaction fractures
injury 19th march 2005
scope 9th may
recon 24th october 05