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Author Topic: Everything aches and I hate my physical therapist.  (Read 1840 times)

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Everything aches and I hate my physical therapist.
« on: June 24, 2005, 11:52:54 PM »
Okay, two different things. I'm supposedly going to physical therapy for "knee strengthening with careful patella sparing" (irritated cartilage in both knees). But apparently, my PT has a bug up his butt about the fact that I'm seeing an acupuncturist while having physical therapy. I get the distinct feeling from him that he's no longer trying to figure out my problem OR he simply can't figure it out and won't admit it. I think he's perfectly content to let me cruise through all of my PT sessions until it's time to see the doctor again. Any sort of quad exercise makes my entire legs ache by the end of the day, so we stopped the exercise for now, with no discussion of what to do about my nonexistent quads in the meantime. I have sore hamstrings off and on, and very tight and sore IT bands. He seems to resent the fact that the acupuncturist said my IT bands are very tight (she can feel it without hardly pressing on them!) when he didn't find them to be by testing them with that method of hanging your leg off the examination table(??) So now it seems like he's being sarcastic when I come in, by saying things like, "Well, what will it be today? What's sore? Oh, the hamstrings? Well, let's rub them. That's one area we haven't treated yet." >:( He's otherwise very nice, and up until now I thought it was my imagination. But you know what? After 7 or 8 sessions of PT, there should be some sort of plan of action in place...some idea of what's going on in my legs...and some progress! I feel like I'm handing over my co-pay for a quick, useless massage every freaking time I go. *deep breath*

The other thing is, the acupuncturist feels that the tight IT band is the reason why I get odd sensations in my calves, ankles, and feet (tingling, pressure). I think she's right, because when I rub the tight areas in my thighs, I get some tingling in those areas. She thinks the IT band tightness is my biggest problem right now. So, on my own, I decided to start trying to do stretches for the IT bands and hamstrings. But, just like the quad sets that I tried to do at physical therapy (which we immediately stopped), now I have areas all over my legs that ache! My hips, outside of thigh, knees, calves, and ankles all feel achy. :( Can this be normal???? Now I have no one to ask, because I am NOT going back to that physical therapist. He makes me feel like I'm the oddest case he's ever seen.

Anyway, is it okay to ache after stretching sore tendons? Should I stop? Please help! (I'm calling my doctor next week to discuss all of this, but I really need some reassurance and advice.)

(EDITED to add: I have been extremely inactive for the past nine months because of rotten medical advice -- basically sitting around with my legs up most of the time. Could this be why everything aches when I try to exercise my quads or when I stretch a lot?)
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Re: Everything aches and I hate my physical therapist.
« Reply #1 on: June 25, 2005, 02:14:23 AM »
Hi Karen,

Its like running a marathon, you have to get your body in shape before you can run a long distance, most people who have not exercised for awhile will get sore after doing things they have not done on a consistent basis and this includes the muscles do not let them waste away by doing nothing, I have severe OA in both knees and even thou it is very painful to walk bone on bone I still exercise doing floor stretches and squats etc to keep the body active and if I stop doing the exercises and then start again say a few days or a week later I find it is tough work and the energy and the exercise pain is worse.

So maybe even thou it hurts try doing a few at a time to build up the muscle and then a few more everyday but don't stop, a person can even do exercises just sitting in a chair like doing leg raises.

I am just going by my experiences, I am no doctor but it does help your body to at least do some form of exercise to keep active.

See what yor doct says maybe try another PT person they may have other ideas.

Good luck

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Re: Everything aches and I hate my physical therapist.
« Reply #2 on: June 25, 2005, 02:18:43 AM »
Have you been evaluated for a condition like patella baja or infrapatellar contracture? Severe patellar tilt? There has to be a reason you can't fire your quads without pain. As long as this pain cycle exists, you won't be able to strengthen the quads as the body will protect the joint at all costs. Have you tried patellar taping to unload the kneecap while you do your exercises? What about using an E-stim to provide a strong contraction while you do your PT stuff?

When I worked for months and months without any noticeable improvement in my quads, the PT's got very frustrated and eventually released me from PT. They were missing the boat, though, because there was a reason my quads wouldn't build--the position of my kneecap caused sharp pain during and after PT. And so my quads shut down to avoid that grinding contact during PT. We had to break the cycle by having the scar tissue removed and then taping my kneecap during some exercises, using the e-stim during others. In this way, we were able to break the pain cycle long enough to actually strengthen the the quads, which in turn pulled the kneecap back into the correct position and prevented further pain. But until I got the patella baja diagnosis and interrupted things with the taping/e-stim, we were just wasting our time--and causing me a lot of pain in the process.

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Re: Everything aches and I hate my physical therapist.
« Reply #3 on: June 25, 2005, 03:52:26 AM »
Thanks for the responses. :) (Heather, by the way, did you get my message that i sent you about acupuncture?)

Actually, I don't get any pain from the exercises -- no sensation whatsoever while I'm doing them. It's just that my legs, in general, will start to che at the end of the day, on the day that I try to exercise the quads. And now I'm noticing the same thing with the stretching of the IT band and the hamstrings. Do you think it might be because I haven't used these muscles/tendons for so long? It's not particularly painful, just an aching sensation. And then the next morning my knees seem a bit inflamed until I ice them down... I've never been evaluated for those particular things, Heather. Three different OS's find me to be just fine mechanically. Supposedly this is just a muscular imbalance of some sort, aggravated by the tight IT band...? I just don't know if the aching is a process that I need to work through, sort of like sore muscles when you start a new exercise. ???
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Re: Everything aches and I hate my physical therapist.
« Reply #4 on: June 25, 2005, 07:31:31 PM »
Can you plan to exercise then RICE (and take an anti-inflammatory before the exrcise)???

MY legs often ache but that's just cos at the end of the day they complain that I,ve done more than they felt like. Obviously I don't know what kind of pain you're in , but I think aching, rather than sharp pain, is okay as long as you can sleep and the aching goes away when you elevate your leg.

Your PT has a stupid attitude to acupuncture. My Pt does acupuncture too. She insists it's always harmless and quite often amazingly beneficial. She says it cannot slow down exercise progress but it can speed it up. Sounds like maybe your PT just doesn't know what else to try and is feeling a tad defensive.

Hope you feel better soon.
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Re: Everything aches and I hate my physical therapist.
« Reply #5 on: June 25, 2005, 07:58:09 PM »
This sounds like it's unused muscles which hurt after using them. I think you might need to take care of the body like you have to do when you have had a really hard excercise if you f.i are a top athlete.
Have been there myself and still are, very sore after doing excercises and this can last for days so I feel like I have run a marathon.
RICE,hot showers, a hot bath,massage. There are lots of things which might help. But if you stop doing the excercises time after time you will be back on track 1 again everytime.
Maybe you need to hold out for a while.
The first time I started with intensive pt again after my kneesurgeries and my spinalsurgery,
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Wish I had more help to offer you. Just can say how I have had it.

Hugs Nettan  8)
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