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Author Topic: feel down!!  (Read 640 times)

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feel down!!
« on: June 25, 2005, 12:31:53 PM »
Hi all,

My name is Claire, ill just give you some background.  In Jan 03 I had a car accident, I sustained compound fracture to the left kneecap, broken collar bone facial lacarations, loss of teeth etc..  I have had three ops on my knee since then, one to wire the knee cap together, second to clean and close wound and june last year had the wire removed, lateral release and medial plication, as I was in agony, I'm sure most you knw all about that only too well!! I was in the middle of a social work diploma at the time of accident, and with leg brace, ext physio, got back and finished my course after 8 wks out, I had to get a taxi cos i couldnt drive.  I got a job but had to leave as I needed more surgery, bone graft in mouth due to loss of bone, and surgery to shoulder to have plate inserted, took bone graft from hip.  I started a job I enjoy in Jan 04, they knew about my accident, as I said I had to have 7 weeks off last year and I am off work at the moment as I have just had op to remove metal plate from shoulder.  I feel the last 2 years have just been ops pain physio, and I feel it is all a blur.  I am now metal free and relatively pain free, so I should be happy, but I feel really low.  I have had time to reflect, and I think before I always had a goal of another operation, now the treatment has finished, I seem to be suffering mentallyand emotionally, which is in someways worse than the physical pain.  I have been left with a very large scar on my left knee, which I cant kneel on, the scar is not straight as the skin was torn where the bone came through. I have a new scar on my shoulder, I also have a very noisy knee clicks very loadly.Is this normal?although it was painful before my last op it was not noisy.  The person I was seeing finished it with me day of op, and the last left when I had my accident.  I feel alone and scarred. Feel envious of people that where shorts as I do not feel able to expose my scars, wish I could go back and change everything, my body was intact before all this.  I have offloaded and I am sorry but feel depressed, and some days find it difficult to face life, I stay in my room, I have lost confidence, feel damaged I am 27 and still live with parents, had to move back when I had accident, cant move on, because of expenses and solicitors stuff, I feel quite traumatised by all this, any help if you got through reading all this would be gratefully received. love Claire xx
Jan 2003, Car Accident, compound fracture of L Patella,(tension, band wiring, screws) fractured R clavicle, Facial injuries.
Jan 03, open wound wash out, then closed
2004 Metal work removed from knee (3 knee ops)
Many other non knee ops(May 05 clavicle op to have plate out)


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Re: feel down!!
« Reply #1 on: June 25, 2005, 01:02:03 PM »

Hey, you have been going from operation to operation for quite awhile now.  Hey, do not be so hard on yourself.  It takes a long time to feel okay about things again - Heck, you have suffered major traumas in your recent past & multiple surgeries.

The scar thing, that would not bother me.  I have scars and things like that do not bother me, but everyone is different.. Wear capri pants (you know the ones that go approx. 8 inches below the knee).  I love them and wear them all the time since I have found them...I usually have a brace hanging down from them on each leg, but do not worry about that stuff anymore.....

Claire when you are feeling down - instead of staying in your room - try going to a private place that you really like  - like a park and sit and enjoy watching some kids playing or watching some squirrels gather nuts etc.  I find that if you change the atmosphere - it has a profound change within you also.  When I get in a really low spot - I go on a trail that I like and go sit on a bench and gaze at the river (it is peaceful, pretty and has lots of wildlife).  Somehow, this spot always makes me feel better.  I also have a cd player and listen to those solitudes cd's like whispering woods - guitar music for relaxation.

Many other people here will also have ideas of things that have helped them out.  We are all in this together here & all try to help one another......

Good luck,

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Re: feel down!!
« Reply #2 on: June 25, 2005, 04:48:30 PM »
HEy Claire,

Sorry to hear about your car accident and how upset your feeling. Try not to let the scar bother you, think of it as a good conversation piece. If I saw someone with a huge scar on their knee or shoulder and I knew them well enough to ask what happened and lets say they were in a car accident like you I would think "woah that must have been tough for them but look how they overcame it" Noone will judge you because you have a scar on your leg. Its a sign of toughness ;) lol.

Like Shade suggested, when your feeling down go do something else. I find one of the best things to do when Im down is call up my friends and hang out! They make me laugh so much and we have such a great time I usually end up forgetting about my knee and why I was upset.

Hope your feeling better,
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