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Author Topic: Lateral Release and Patella Tendinopathy  (Read 878 times)

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Lateral Release and Patella Tendinopathy
« on: June 25, 2005, 12:28:14 PM »
I have just been diagnosed with patella tendinopathy. As i gather this is quite a common problem in triathletes. The difference with mine is is that 5 years ago on that knee a surgeon performed a lateral release due to patella tracking problems and severe pain after running and basketball. The difference now is is that the pain I get now I only get during running. And it starts only after I have completed about 1 or 2 km's. It will gradually get worse during my run and as soon as I stop running the pain stops within 1/2 hour and is replaced by a feeling of pressure in my knee. I feel the same pressure if I have had a heavy cycling session.I also had a lateral release perfromed on the other knee 8 years ago and I have no problems with that one. I train Cycling 3-4 times a week about 40-45 km's per session. Have not trained much running due to pain. Maybe 1 or 2 times per week about 4 or 5 km's I swim twice a week about 1 km per session and I play 1 game of A-Grade Basketball per week. Incidentally I have no pain whilst playing Basketball on a wooden floor

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

Alyn Spencer

I also posted this in the Specialist room

Any comment is greatly appreciated as we are heading into training time for this summers triathlon series and I would love to be back on track for the first one in October in Australia


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Re: Lateral Release and Patella Tendinopathy
« Reply #1 on: June 25, 2005, 12:40:10 PM »

Hi sorry that you have to be here though.   I found a little info that might be of interest.

It sounds like you have been very active, but maybe you should have a couple of PT (physio) sessions with a sports oriented physio & have a program of stretches taught to you and this might help you out a lot.  Did your OS suggest anything like that?