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Author Topic: Bone grafts and How Long?  (Read 1396 times)

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Bone grafts and How Long?
« on: June 23, 2005, 04:06:04 PM »
My name is Nat and I was told February 15 that I needed to have osteochondral grafting and an osteotomy on my left knee.  I was told at first that we would be using osteochondral grafts that were synthetic.  Then somewhere down the line I was put on a donor list, but wasnt told this. Now it has been three months and they just explained themselves and said I was the top name on the list now so it shouldnt be long but how long did some of you wait.  IT seems like it is taking to long and my doc said he didnt want to give me pain meds because he wanted post op pain to be treated with pain meds.  I have dreams at night that a doc is cutting open my leg and there are maggots in it.  He told me to stay on crutches as much as possible and that was three months ago.  I have three kids, one ofwhich has special needs and it isimpossible for me to use crutches all the time.  I mean I have things set up for after the surgery so that I dont have to walk but preop, 3 months.  Did anyone of youhave to do this.

Well, I went to get a second opinion today and this Dr. assured me that Dr. Boyd is one of two of the best in Minnesota.  He said that he sure wouldnt tackle my case but I was an excellent candidate for what Dr. Boyd does.  HE is the OS for all the minnesota vikings and twin and wolverines and so I am pretty conficent that he is good.  It is just so hard to wait.
I am not sure about the plugs you are talking about.  I am having an osteochondral grafting done and so I am placed on a donor list and as soon as some dies that has the right pieces of bone for my left knee then they will fly them to Abbott in Minneapolis and contact me with what will happen next. They will also be doing an osteotomy also, so it is two surgeries. There are two different Dr.s doing it.  I dont knowthe name of the other DR. that will do the Osteochondral graft.   I understand now more of what is going on but why didnt I get all this information at the start.  I thought they were just not wanting to do the surgery.  But My name is the first top name now so I am next but I dont know how long it will take to find a donor.
Has anyone else out there had this done.  They are hoping by the end of June but there are no guarentees and I have already waited 3 1/2 months.  So I guess I just have to sit and wait.  That really stinks!!! Is this process what you all experienced.  I just would like to know.


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Re: Bone grafts and How Long?
« Reply #1 on: July 10, 2005, 02:13:21 AM »
Hi Nat
Not sure how much this will help you son just had a bone transplant...we saw the OS at the end of Oct...we were put on the transplant list then but my son had a school trip to france planned for March break...we were told to go ahead with the plan but not to make any other plans after as our call would come any time after that..and so it did...we got the call at the end of march to may was our waiting ready...we got the call at 2 in the afternoon on Tuesday saying the surgery day would be Thursday providing that all the blood work came back without a hitch...they would be in touch...On Wednesday they phoned just after 2 p.m. wanting us there right away...I didn't realise they would want us there the day before to do blood work..Xrays etc......we had a 5 hour drive...I got a phone call from my neighbour two hours up the road asking if I had forgot my haste...I left my suitcase is very rushed and hard on the ready...If you can manage to leave a suitcase in the car it might be worth it..I'm lucky my son took has backpack with was just me that had to buy new clothes...ugh..
Worried mother of son with knee difficulties at a young wonder I'm turning grey! My son is 18 and is sharing my interest in this web site...thank you for your support and concern..much appreciated~

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