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Author Topic: Finally feeling fixed...  (Read 2399 times)

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Finally feeling fixed...
« on: June 22, 2005, 03:21:25 PM »
OK, I've been a member here for a while with various middlingly annoying problems with my knee (serious enough to impact my life, not as bad as some here).

So here's the story;

April 2001: I go go-karting and get side-impacted, and the inside of my right knee thumps the steering column. Hurt a bit, but it wasn't too bad, so I was filled up with painkillers and delivered home.

A few months later, the pain started to get worse. My GP had had a go at diagnosing it as "bruised ligaments", but after four months they sent me to the hospital.

August 2001: Private hospital physio diagnosed "unspecific patellofemoral pain" and started me on exercises which cause the pain to get... much worse. This left me on crutches, unable to put weight through the joint.

So after a month of making it worse they sent me to the hospital surgeon, who sent me for MRIs.

MRIs show a defect in the cartilage and a dead section of bone. Theory is that I fractured my condyle originally, and as the fracture healed it blocked the blood supply to the articular surface.

Jan 2002: Knee surgery to remove the dead stuff, microfracture the underlying bone and then MONTHS of physio to put it all back together.

On and off this continues to hurt over the next few years. Finally in 2004, I'm referred to the knee clinic at Droitwich.

They diagnose "plicae syndrome" and I start physio to ease it. That worked, but not entirely, so we move onto injections of steroids. They helped for a while, but I'm still not feeling fantastic, I'm still in pain. So they decide to operate.

Mar 2005: Mr Schindler from the knee clinic sticks a camera into my knee and is rather surprised to find he can't see very much of it. In fact, he's stuck the camera into one half of my knee, which turns out to contain a complete patella septum, separating my kneecap from the rest of my knee. Apparently this is quite rare -- the plicae some people have problems with are the remnants of this septum which is supposed to split prior to birth.

Mr S opened it up, and trimmed off the overgrowth from the previous repair. On the video of the surgery, you can see the space in my knee get bigger as he removed the septum, and we've got some incredible photos (  but be warned, these are photos of the inside of a knee! )

I walked out of the hospital, had a couple of sessions of physio and was discharged. Fixed, after all this time, just like that.

This all just goes to show, there are solutions out there, even if they're not apparent immediately. Mr Schindler's an excellent surgeon with years of experience, and even he couldn't tell I had a septum until he operated... it just doesn't show up on MRIs. He did a fantastic job of the surgery and then took the time to talk me through the work from the video of the surgery (I was kind of interested and had a lot of questions). I thoroughly recommend him.

My thanks also go to Jim the physiotherapist at the Knee Clinic -- he did a fantastic job getting me fit after the surgery.

So -- my crutches are in the garage, gathering dust... I'm walking fairly normally on the flat -- I'm a bit slow at hills because my muscles aren't really back in condition yet. But it doesn't hurt anymore -- I can walk MILES AND MILES and all that happens is that I get tired!!

I'm a grouchy software engineer with a sore knee. And I'm bad in the mornings. And I haven't had enough coffee. What was it you wanted doing again?