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Author Topic: correct knee diagnosis? - new to board  (Read 1586 times)

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correct knee diagnosis? - new to board
« on: January 20, 2003, 03:32:57 PM »

I've been diagnosed with chondromalacia but I'm struggling to get more information/advice.  I was first diagnosed 9 years ago, and for 8 years had no major problems in the UK.  I would only suffer knee pain when trekking in mountainous regions in Europe - higher than anything in the UK.
The diagnosis was made purely by a visit to the doctor, and I was prescribed an antiinflammatory to take when needed.  During the last year my knees have started degenerating.  I now have severe pain after walking for an hour and a half in the Peak district (not particularly hilly).  Once my knees are inflamed it takes days to go away.
I returned to the doctor, who looked at my notes and agreed with the diagnosis of chondromalacia.  He referred my to a physio who I saw 3 times and then was told to return if I had problems.  As it's winter I haven't walked much, and so didn't have too many problems.  After more pain I returned to the doctor, and am now waiting to see the physio again.

I am concerned that the diagnosis was made 'easily' by just talking to me.  The doctor I saw last would not refer me to an orthopaedic.  I have had no x-rays or MRI's.  The last doctor also told me to take antiinflammatory pills every day.  This will just mask my symptoms - and does nothing to find out why I have this pain.

WHat's the general consensus on getting a diagnosis?  Do I just keep hassling the doctors until I'm satisfied?

Hope someoen can help