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Author Topic: Leg extension - Surgery  (Read 3553 times)

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Leg extension - Surgery
« on: August 21, 2002, 04:16:32 AM »
I suffered a tibia plateau fracture 5 months ago, which resulted in surgery and 7 screws and a plate. I currently can not get my leg fully extended and flexion is at about 128 degrees. Patella is not moving properly. OS is recommending surgery to remove scar tissue and free up the patella. Surgery will be two incisions approximately 3 inches long on each side of the patella. Has anyone experienced this problem? Has anyone had this type of surgery? Results? Help?

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Re: Leg extension - Surgery
« Reply #1 on: August 21, 2002, 05:34:49 AM »

You didn't describe any symptoms such as pain or limitations in your physical activity--is this problem affecting your quality of life or causing severe discomfort?  Is it causing any other conditions (mal-tracking, etc.) that will impact your knee health in the future?  

I've had this scar tissue removal surgery twice now, but each time I had it done arthroscopically. We tried conservative measures for about 3 months, which included lots of exercise & stretching,  physical therapy modalities (iontophoresis, phonophoresis, soft tissue work, patellar mobilizations) and oral steroid treatments.  I resisted getting a cortisone shot because my surgeon gave only about a 50% chance of success.

I can't really say how the scar tissue removal surgeries worked for me, because I've had post-op infections and pretty serious complications each time.  I will tell you that until the complications set in, everything seemed to be just fine and I was in PT within a week of each surgery.  It definitely is a relief to have the adhesions out of there.  I'm still too soon post-op to say for sure if it's going to work for me this time, but the rehab has been slow.  I'm starting to see some progress, though, and have to keep up hope. :)

I can't really give you any advice, just let you know that there are other people out there with these problems.  Some things you might want to consider:  If it's causing you pain and will impact your knee mechanics, that's one thing.  If you are missing some of your range of motion only and you haven't tried therapy and modalities to address the problem--that's something else entirely.  Have you considered getting a second opinion?  

There is some information on the web regarding 'arthrofibrosis of the knee.'  My surgeon also called it 'adhesive capsulitis,' but when you look that up you mostly get stuff on shoulders.  Go to the kneeguru main site and use the search engine to look on the web for these key words and see what you come up with.  This should help you formulate questions to ask your doctor or might help you with resources if you want a second opinion.

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