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Author Topic: Need to know about tension band wiring - anyone had similar?  (Read 665 times)

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Hi - I tripped on a marble plinth at Brent X shopping centre, London, end September 2004.  Hit a metal post and fractured my patella causing me to have 4 hours surgery, tension band wiring, plaster cast from toe to bottom for 6 weeks and then an mua in January because so many adhesions knee wouldnt bend more than 35 degrees.  Couldnt drive for 5 months.  Constant discomfort, not a lot of movement although bent to 85 after mua.  Finally tried acupuncture and private physio 2 months ago and have to say there's been a considerable difference.  Can bend knee 105 degrees - not enough to walk up and down stairs properly but a great improvement. 

If there is anyone out there with a similar even though maybe not as severe injury from a fall at a shopping centre would love to hear from you  - difficult to pursue claim otherwise.

Apparently, difficult to fracture patella - not a common injury - so we must be the unique and blessed few!!!!!!!!!

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