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Author Topic: sport student with knee probz!  (Read 655 times)

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sport student with knee probz!
« on: June 04, 2005, 04:55:43 PM »
Hia, I am only a 19 yr old female and already i feel like my knees belong to a 60 year old!!! I'm a very active sport student and during 9 months of the year, I train quite regularly for hockey and football. When I was 15 my knees started hurting, i waited bout a year thinking it would go away but it didn't. They used to lock as is stood up and they would then swell up and I couldn't extend/flex them properly.
I went to my doctor who referred me to an OS. I had to wait about an year to get an appointment with him, and when I did go and see him, he only spent a few minutes looking at my knees and told me to go back in 3 months to see if they still hurt.
I went back only to hear him tell me that although my quads are strong, the only thing he could suggest was for me to do some quad strengthening exercises.

During football/hockey season, I train on the astro turf for 6 hours a week, play 2 hockey matches (on astro), play tennis/squash once, gym once, 30 minute jog on road once, and about 3 hours of exercise as part of my sports degree course. When I go running, the pain is on the inside of my knee and only occurs after about 15-20 minutes of running. As a result of this i have stopped going running since it is unbearable thus I started doing cardio work on the bike in the gym. However, after a couple of times without pain, I started to feel pain underneath the knee, where the tendon attaches the knee cap to the tibia(I think), and it just makes it unbearable.
I have been trying to further imrove my hamstrings/quads in the gym but it doesn't make any difference.

Another point I must mention is that about 2 years ago I went to see a PT with my shoulder. I had suffered with bad pain in my left one when I did any sport esp. running for my entire sporting life- and still do. The cause was a genetically weak joint and it made me think, I had been having difficulties with my elbows (they would lock when I fully extend them and put a plate down for example). and yes it did cause some embarrassment in my days as a waitress! She looked at my elbows and said that they extended more that they should. Anyhow, when I mentioned my elbows and my knees she told me it could be linked.

Thus I am wandering if anyone could help me as to what should I do?? I have to be fit and able to do physical activities as part of my degree and for my hockey/football team thus I can't go on like this!! Would u recommend for me to go back to my OS, go to my sport PT at uni or continue to try and improve my muscle strength?!?!?!!?

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you!
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