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Author Topic: patellar tendon transfer???  (Read 3396 times)

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patellar tendon transfer???
« on: June 04, 2005, 12:18:07 AM »
My daughter is 15 a dancer this is what she wants as her career... and she has surgery tuesday june 7th to do a lateral retinacular release and possible patellar tendon transfer... have no clue what the second is... and i  was fine til found this site... now i am stressed and extremely worried about recovery... can you please help me and tell me what the procedure is and her recovery time??? what about going to the bathroom after?  and showering.?  do i need to purchase something to help... also she is an extreme health nut... does not take tylenol or anything when she has migraines... i need to speak to someone... thanks  Jill

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Re: patellar tendon transfer???
« Reply #1 on: June 04, 2005, 11:48:27 AM »
This is a TTT surgery or Tibial tubercle Transfer. Search for those names and you'll find lots of info. I had this surgery 3 years ago when I was 25 and it has been a lifesaver!Never had much pain but the whole surgery-rehab pain isn't easy. I stayed with my parents for 5 weeks but I could have managed on my own.

Sending you both my regards!!!

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Re: patellar tendon transfer???
« Reply #2 on: June 04, 2005, 01:59:24 PM »
If its possible I would write down all the new questins you have and call your daughters surgeon.  Do you know what her diagnosis is, why the doc wants to do this surgery?  A Lateral release is not such a bad recovery.  I work at a daycare and was out of work 2 weeks.  I regained all my strength and range of motion within six weeks.  However this surgery does not have a high sucess rate.  At for the TTT I think you need to ask the doc specifics about this and make it very clear that she wants to be a dancer, there are many types of this surgery and some are more intense than others.  Good luck!!  ~Patti
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Re: patellar tendon transfer???
« Reply #3 on: June 04, 2005, 02:24:28 PM »
thank you all for posting....      she has mis aligned knees on both legs... and was fine until a day at school when a boy flirted with her by coming up from behind and doing the knee buckle thing... she dropped to the floor as it dislocated her knee... her knee had popped out twice before and she knew how to get it back in place... so she did... and then she danced on it at school for their musical... by the time she made it to our dance studio (I own the studio) her knee was five times the size of the other knee...  this was march 19 05... and the first doc we saw told her she would never dance again... i was not enthused with this man as he apparently had been dumped by a dancer... hee hee   he always tells football players to toughen up and get back out there... so we laid off of dance for the last month doing rehab...  and then we went to another doc and he gave us a brace so that she could do her dance recital in may... he said it would not go out in the brace... we danced at the studio and she fell to the floor... it happened again... we went back and i demanded an MRI... it showed a tear in the retinaculum ligament and the knee still out of place and a piece of bone chipped off... the doc said they did not know how she was walking... that was may 14  and he recommended surgery... not until june 22 though... i did not like the wait... so we went to a sportsmedicine os in lubbock texas that knees and knee replacement surgeries are his specialties... he said that yes we needed surgery especially since it happened 3 times in 90 days... and the fact she wants to be a dancer as her career... we need to do it now... he is going in and doing a lateral release first and see if it loosens up the knee enough... if it does not then he is goin to do the TTT right then... he said it is no use continuing on with the LR if it did not move enough... 1 it might not hold and work... could go out again... 2 the ttt would be 100% sure it would not go out again... recovery time 3 months on the first option and 6 months on the 2nd option... but she would be able to dance again... i just want to make sure... i am trying to find her stuff to do with hands as she hates to be still... how long will she be down?