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Author Topic: Bruised kneecap hardened into a lump  (Read 6033 times)

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Bruised kneecap hardened into a lump
« on: June 02, 2005, 06:13:39 PM »
Hi there,

I've got a knee problem, that my doctor really wasn't too helpful in helping to resolve but I'm guessing since it's kind of an overuse injury, there's not a whole lot to be done.

I've been playing hockey for a few years. During my first season, I didn't have the greatest kneepads.  During a weekend tournament, I fell several times, landing hard on my right kneecap.  It was really bruised & swollen, and I didn't think to take the time to ice it after that.  Since then, a hard lump has formed on the kneecap.  My doctor said it was a calcium build up, and all that could be down was rub it constantly to break it down.  I got into the habit of doing that over the summer but didn't see any reduction.

Over the last two seasons, (I did get better knee pads!) I'll occasionally fall & land on the bad knee, reaggravating the bruise & the swelling.  My current season has just finished and my knee looks & feels worse than ever.  It's pretty mishapen - it has a kind of rounded, mountain peak look to the knee cap -  and any little bash on it reaggravates the injury.  It gets sore now when just biking and doing any kind of squat or exercise that involves a deep bend.

I'd really like to rehab it over this summer, but am not really sure where to begin.  I'm not even really sure of what part of the knee is damaged!

Any advice would be much appreciated!  Thanks.


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Re: Bruised kneecap hardened into a lump
« Reply #1 on: June 02, 2005, 08:06:21 PM »
Hi shannonh,

It sounds to me like an appt. with an orthopedic doctor is in order.  If your other doctor is an ortho doc, then I would get a second opinion.  Bone bruises and things like that can take a while to heal but this is an ongoing problem that you have had for about a year or so?  Having problems bending and getting pain at the slightest exercise doesn't sound good.  I would definately see an ortho. 

Hope you get some relief soon,
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Second opinion OS appt. went bust!
Waiting to see first OS for surgery.

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Re: Bruised kneecap hardened into a lump
« Reply #2 on: June 03, 2005, 06:01:13 PM »
Thanks for your suggestion.  I definitely need to get myself to a doctor to get it checked it out.