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Author Topic: God Bless You , KneeGeeks and members.  (Read 721 times)

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God Bless You , KneeGeeks and members.
« on: May 24, 2005, 03:10:59 PM »
My son and I  both had knee surgery. My son was diagnosed with snapped (?) ligament after falling off a scooter. His patella was screwed on in Jun 04 , 2 months after the accident. The lapse was because the local doctor said it was just a normal dislocation. In Dicember 04, a surgeon suggested another operation since the patella was " out of place". My son (he's only 12) decided to put off until his major exam in Sept 05. How necessary is this operation? He seems ok, although limping slightly. If he decided not to have the operation, will it affect the length of his leg? ???

I had a fall in Turkey in Sept 04. Three weeks later I had an operation to wire my laterally-broken patella, back in Malaysia.  Only then my search leads to Knee geeks- and I learnt a lot about knees  and rehab pains and problems. Thank you all so much. My question is- how soon should the wire be removed? Iam still wired. (8 months now after operation) What happen if I dont remove them ?  I am quite ok now, only I can't go downstairs like a normal person.  I can go upstairs, injured foot first,  with some pain.  The doctors who saw me never prescribe any PT, so I just follow the advice I found in Knee geeks.  Aftre 3 months, my ROM is near perfect.
any advice/ comments?
Turkey slip fall 2004
Wired patella Oct 2004