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Author Topic: Dynasplint...I have my appointment with Dr Fu/ Dr. West  (Read 1856 times)

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Hi all! Just wanted to tell everyone that this Thursday I finally have my appointment with Dr West who works with Dr. Freddie Fu. I could not see Dr. Fu because he did not take my insurance & told me that Dr. West does. I am nervous & excited at the same time! I just want to be able to walk again with out pain & I would LOVE to be able to straighten my knee "leg"  once again! My other Dr gave me a brace for my knee...dynasplint & it sucks! They had a salesperson come to my house & give me this mumble jumble of how the brace does not hurt & I have to keep my ankle on a pillow so the gravity pulls my knee down. The brace is doing NOTHING the pillow is doing all the work! AND THAT'S WHAT HURTS...tricky salesperson!I am supposed to wear this as much as I can in the day & sleep with it at night. I could be doing the same stretch without this stupid brace by just using a pillow ( which I have done many times before in physical therapy). It hurts so bad keeping a stretch like that for hours & hours. Oh well...thanks for listening! ;)

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Re: Dynasplint...I have my appointment with Dr Fu/ Dr. West
« Reply #1 on: May 17, 2005, 04:39:42 PM »
Hey good job,

Freddie Fu is one of the best published knee guys in the country.  Hopefully, he can get your knee straight.

The dynalsplint is especially good after surgery to help stretch out the back of knee at night when you are sleeping.  But keep working on your extension now anyway.  Whatever gains you make prior to any lysis surgery will only work to your advantage after surgery.

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Re: Dynasplint...I have my appointment with Dr Fu/ Dr. West
« Reply #2 on: May 25, 2005, 01:13:13 AM »

There is another device that also works like a dynasplint called a JAS (Joint Active System)brace.  I am currently using the JAS brace and I love it.  My physical therapist recommended the JAS brace over the Dyna splint because she said that the Jas brace is less painful and tends to have a higher level of patient compliance so people tend to do better with this device.  What is really cool about the JAS brace is you get to set the tension or degree of stretch so you have control over the pain.  Also you only need to wear it three times a day for 1/2 hour each time.  So it doesn't interfere with sleep.  I used this device once before and it worked great for straightening my leg.  I am using this brace for the second time and once again it has been very helpful!!  I gained 30 degrees in two weeks using this brace!  And it doesn't cause an increase in pain if you use it properly!

If you are interested you can check out their website:

I hope this helps.  If you have any questions,let me know.
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