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Author Topic: chondropathia  (Read 1373 times)

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« on: May 23, 2005, 08:38:40 PM »
Hi eveyone!
Ive posted before in other posts but not this one I think ???
Ive had my medial meniscus removed 4 years ago (about 90% of it) and been exercising a lot as I wanted to be a dancer.Now I've been having knee pain again for about 3 months...It hurts in the inside, were the meniscus was and around my patella.Went to the doc and had an MRI and he said I have damage under the kneecap.He gave me 5 hyalart shots and I had physio for a week (evey day).Unfortunately after that week I needed to come back to London, where I study.The pain is just getting worse and worse.Bending it and walking up and down the stairs hurts in the inside but every time I sit down..even with my lef extended on a chair (to avoid bending it) it hurts a lot.Is this normal?It feels worse when I'm sitting down than when I'm actually moving it.And when I'm going to bed...Any suggestions?The doc said if its not better till July when I go back he'll do lateral release as my kneecap is tilted.The rest of the leg is vey straight he said.Its just my kneecap.Im sorry to write so mych but I feel lost....Im missing out on dancing at my college and its so frustrating.Today was the 1st day I actually used 1 of tha painkillers he gave me (a quite strong one) but didnt feel any difference...Any advice would be more than welcome.
Oh forgot to say that Im doing exercises every day given by my PT and i'm iceing it evey night after college...
Thank you for reading my post! :)
Sorry about my English its not my first language! :-\