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Author Topic: Open debridement with medial capsular reefing(?)  (Read 2166 times)

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Open debridement with medial capsular reefing(?)
« on: May 23, 2005, 12:00:49 AM »
Hi, I'm new to KNEEgeeks, but I am having trouble finding information on a procedure that I'm having done on 24 Jun. So far I've had a TTT, LR, scar tissue removal, cartlidge repair, meniscus repair, etc. on each knee. This time I'm having an open debridement with medial capsular reefing on my right knee. Has anyone ever had this procedure before, and if so, what is involved, and what is the recovery time?  If this one is successful, I'm suppose to have it done on the left knee too. Thank you for your time.
TTT & open LR on both knees, scar tissue removal, synovectomy, meniscus & cartlidge repair, debridement, medial reefing, chondroplasty, medial plication, 1 MUA, screw removals & more... LPKR 3/16/07 and RTKR scheduled on 3/6/08 - will be 20th surgery in all.