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Author Topic: About to have surgery  (Read 807 times)

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About to have surgery
« on: May 21, 2005, 02:20:15 AM »
      I am new here and am about to have surgrey for the fist time on Tuesday(May 25). I am having a Arthroscopy Fulkerson on my left knee. This comes after many years of dislocations and a presistant pain(only at age 27). I have been told by the doctor what will be done and what to expect but I was hoping on getting some advice from people that have had it done. What helped to make recovery easier, how long before you could move around on crutches, or drive a car, ect. I have two small children age 5 and 2 that will be staying with my parents but I am hoping that they will not have to stay gone to long. Also how do you manage houshold chores like landry and vacuming I hate to think that my husband will be in charge of that for a few months. Thank you for any advice or words of encouragement.


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Re: About to have surgery
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2005, 02:26:07 AM »
Mary,  ;D

Hi, welcome to the board.  If you go to the section Rehab Dept - then go to the Post-Op Diary section you'll find posts in that section about the Fulkerson procedure.

Good luck with your surgery on Tuesday, May 25 and let us know how everything is going.