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Author Topic: Repair of both medial and lateral meniscus/Lateral!  (Read 1055 times)

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About 5 weeks ago I was playing softball.  I was up to bat.  When I swung I stepped back into a hole (from what I am told) and dislocated my patella.  My knee swelled up immediately and became stiff. 

When I saw my OS the following day he sent me for an MRI. 

The MRI results were as follows: I tore both the medial and lateral meniscus, have ďholesĒ (terminology I would understand) in my femur and tore ligaments on the inside of my knee.

The OS has now scheduled arthroscopic surgery for the beginning of June to repair both meniscus.  Then he claims that once that is almost completely healed I will have to have a lateral release depending on what he sees when he goes in to repair the meniscus.

My symptoms include: knee still swollen, canít put pressure on it, can't bend straight without pain, canít walk, lots of pain on the inside of my knee, canít lift my leg on my own and still on crutches.  Will I be able to walk and put pressure on my leg once again after I have the arthroscopic surgery?  Will I have to be on crutches until I have the lateral release?  Why canít I walk?  I have been to PT since I did this.  Need some answers.  Getting nervous quickly.

Any comments would be appreciated.  Thanks!


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Meniscus tears can cause mechanical problems in your knee that will make it difficult for you to straighten your leg. If a piece of the meniscus is torn it can protrude into the joint space and cause your knee to lock on certain positions or make it impossible for you to straighten your knee. If the pain is on the inside of your knee that is form the medial meniscus and that should get better once the swelling goes down. Not being able to lift your leg would be because of weak quads, which should also get better when the swelling goes down. So it is really important to get the swelling to go down. Make sure you are elevating your leg and icing to help with swelling. I have worn TED hose or a compression sleeve to also help. You need to get the swelling down before surgery so be very diligent with elevation and ice.
   You will be able to walk and put pressure on your knee after surgery, but it depends on if your meniscuses are repaired or the torn pieces are removed. I have had many meniscus repairs and the recovery varied between doctors. In my first surgery I had an ACL reconstruction with medial and lateral meniscus repairs. The medial meniscus had bucket handle tear and the lateral had 4 horizontal tears in it. I was in an immobilizer for 6 weeks and was on crutches for only 3 weeks, but I was able to put as much weight on it as I wanted. Usually with a meniscus repair you are non weight bearing. Well, neither of the repairs worked and the next year I had to have my medial meniscus removed and my lateral meniscus re-repaired. Again I was in an immobilizer for 6 weeks, but this time no crutches. I was still having problems with pain on the inside of my knee from the medial joint line and lots of swelling. So I went to anther OS, ultimately I had a medial and lateral meniscus transplant, bone grafting, ACL revision, Lateral release and a few other things. With the meniscus transplants I was non weight bearing for 8 weeks and on crutches for a total of 12 weeks after each surgery.
   I hope this helps, donít worry too much, just R.I.C.E (rest, ice, compress, and elevate) until surgery and be patient, things will get better!
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