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Author Topic: 8 weeks post op  (Read 995 times)

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8 weeks post op
« on: May 18, 2005, 09:31:19 PM »
Hey folks, I'm 8 weeks post op from a quad tendon repair and partial patella removal. Things have gone very well since my last post a couple weeks ago. I won't need anymore surgery or an MUA. I've got full extension passive and -4 active. 135 flexion passive, 130 active. Still quite a bit of pain but it's mainly at night and in the morning when everything still stiffens up. Also after sitting with it bent for a while it will stiffen up. After PT the stiffness is gone and so is the pain. I'm still working hard at it since my normal flexion is 160 passive, 145 active but my OS is happy and I think I can still get quite a bit more flexion. The best part is that he says he thinks I'll be okay for non contact hockey by the time the summer season starts in mid June. Yeah it's non contact but it's definitely better than none at all. :-) Hope you all are doing well and work hard at the PT even though it hurts like hell. I'm finding that it's definitely worth the pain.

3/7/05 Shattered Left Patella (OS calls me pancake since that's what I did to it)
3/21/05 Top half of patella removed, quad tendon reattached to leftovers.
4/4/05 Start PT ROM = 14-36
4/14/05 ROM = 0-58
4/28/05 ROM = 0-84
5/5/05 ROM = 0-97
5/12/05 ROM = 0-115
5/18/05 ROM = 0-135