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Author Topic: PLICA REMOVAL AND PATELLA SHAVE  (Read 871 times)

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« on: May 19, 2005, 04:25:33 PM »

Briefly, the first week was hell, I was quite sick after the anaesthetic, tearful and depressed,  I was in allot of pain, loads of swelling, my knee bled through the bandages so much that they had to redress my knee before they discharged me, I couldnt put any weight on it, I wished someone had warned me that I would need considerable strength in my arms, wrists and shoulders and back to use the crutches because I would have worked on the muscle strength pre op.

The crutches bruised my hands after one day so that made moving around at all, hard work and painful, its worth getting some foam or foam gym gloves to pad your hands when using the crutches - trust me.

I had to change my own dressings 3 days post op - they told us we would be doing this, and gave us a bandage, unfortunately my knee was still oozing blood and we were concerned and called up the "care line number" and were disgusted with the advice we got - if you can call it advice, some distracted nurse asked if we had the "sterile dressing " they had forgotten to give us, when we said no - she suggested that we stick a plaster on the wounds, however my knee was so covered in blood that I wouldnt have known where to begin, when we told her this she said "wash it with water" - but the specialist had told me my knee had to stay dry until I saw him the following week.

It took until 10 days post op to be able to walk with crutches in a balanced and controlled way, my husband bless him, had to work from home the entire time to look after me, I was surprised by how bad it all was as I am very fit and work in the fitness industry and have good stamina and strength in my body, I now have muscle wastage on the right leg that was operated on and a very toned left leg!

I went back to the specialist for a post op check last week and he rather carelessly pulled off the dressings and managed to take off one of the deep scabs and start the bleeding off all over again, honestly, you would think these people could be more careful???!!!!! He had to redress all the wounds and told me to keep them dry for longer, (showering can be tricky - cling film and selotape is helpful) his advice was depressing "only attempt walking for the next 5 weeks, no exercise, take the stairs one leg at a time, dont use our right leg to pull yourself up or down, expect symptoms and problems for up to 3 months"

I am going back in 5 weeks time, no physio has been suggested, I am surprised by this, should I ask for it?

My knee feels stiff, I can only just get a 90 degree bend out of it, no more, is this normal? My walking has become more normal but I still need the crutches, I have been able to reduce my painkillers to 2 x paracetamol and 2 x ibuprofen per day.

I am going on holiday in 2 weeks time, a long haul flight and lots of walking, I will let you all know how it goes.

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