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Author Topic: (((Danielle))) - Wow!! - What is this pain??  (Read 2625 times)

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Re: (((Danielle))) - Wow!! - What is this pain??
« Reply #15 on: May 24, 2005, 05:44:07 PM »

Interesting reading your post - you are always full of info.  You just confirmed with me again the doubts that I am having about thermal shrinking - most say that it just does not work - hopefully, I will not have to have it - I'd much rather go the route of a much more traditional medial plication.  It seems that there is no real easy fix for this problem as you have stated. 

1Yr to find OS/1YR Wait for Surgery - It would just kill me if it stretched out  again after surgery & have to wait another year for another surgery - does not seem to make much sense.  What can a person do?? The more that I learn about MCL's the more fustrated it becomes.......

Guess I'll just have to keep digging for more information - thanks for all the help.  You are GREAT!! ;D

Yes, the info on the  MCL is very lacking &  I do not understand why.

Good luck, ;)


PS:  I was reading somewhere that if an MCL does not heal the OS should look closely for ACL tears - sounds like that is the case with you and Susan.  Guess I'll know for sure about mine when someone looks inside the knee.  Just thought that was an interesting tidbit.......

LITTLE UPDATE:  Called my OS's office today and am now booked for surgery in July - got bumped up and will be having the same surgery as yours Danielle - stitched MCL - thanks for all your help.

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