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Author Topic: recovering from cronic patellofemoral pain  (Read 2269 times)

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recovering from cronic patellofemoral pain
« on: May 15, 2005, 05:39:34 PM »
1 year ago I have injured my left knee playing football  :'(. Nobody could diagnose exactly what was wrong, but the knee was very swollen and I could not walk on it. MRI didn't reveal anything. It was getting better, but unfortunately I followed the advice of a highly specialized orthopedist who pushed me to walk without crutches while my knee was still sore. This aggravated tremendously the situation. I have been to several orthopedists, all very arrogant and greedy, and all of them prescribed quad-strengthening exercises. I made the exercises, but both my kneecaps started to dislocate and be extremely inflamed. Orthopedist diagnosed "chondromalacia due to Patella Alta" and advised Laser therapy, Magneto therapy and other expensive treatments - all useless. They said "you will live in pain with arthritis"  ???.
Finally, when my knees were unbearably sore and squeaky, I have met an old masseur who resuscitated me. Now I have discovered the power of yoga, stretching, massage and appropriate walking gait. For instance I am finding extremely useful to walk pushing a bicycle with the brakes pulled, in order to reduce the impact on the knees and to strengthen the hamstrings. I have learned to rely on my own intuition and my own perception, to experiment continuously and cautiously with my body mixing various types of exercise. And I am slowly crawling out of the pit I was in  :).
I have learned that most specialists have no commitment for their patients, they only want quick money; and you can get much better advise from humble therapists who have more patience and commitment. Also, reading techincal material on knees is important to understand the mechanics, the physiology and caveats of joints and cartilages... success is always a step away from where you give up, so... never give up!
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