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Author Topic: complete tears of the acl, pcl and lcl w/ some other damage to bone/meniscus  (Read 1975 times)

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I am new to this website and I've found a few posts of those with acl, pcl, mcl there anyone out there with the acl, pcl, lcl combo?  I also had the meniscus torn from the bone (but luckily not torn itself) and some damage to the femur that had to be shaved.  This all happened in one fluke soccer incident that shouldn't have resulted in any injury!  My OS reconstructed all 3 ligaments in one surgery (1 months post injury) using cadaver achilles tendon.  I had extremely restricted motion for 8 weeks with a brace locked straight and bending of up to 30 degrees only in PT during the 4-8 week period.  No weight bearing for 8 weeks.  I was only able to get to 45 degree ROM by 12 weeks so he brought me back in for manipulation under anesthesia....definitely better than the ever painful fruitless PT sessions.  I went to PT religiously and worked on my own.  Today I am just a little over a year post op and still have some pain and a fair amount of instability even though my ACL and PCL measurements are actually slightly tighter than my "good" knee.  I wear a CTi2 brace daily and I can't do much physical activity beyond walking or working on the elliptical at the gym.  I will be going back in on June 2 for an arthroscopic clean up of scar tissue.  The OS is hoping there is scar tissue causing the joint to be displaced slightly causing the instability.  If that doesn't fix the instability there is the possibility of re-doing the lcl as that is slightly more loose than my "good" knee.  The original ligament was completely chance of healing on its own.
Based on many of the posts that I have read I think I've had a fairly successful experience considering the extent of the injury and the recovery I could expect.  I'm interested to hear if any of you have had a similar experience or if anyone has been able to regain stability after an lcl reconstruction.
complete acl, pcl, lcl tears in right knee
all surgically repaired in one surgery
13 months post op
no more soccer!

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I have had a very similar injury and finally, 4yrs down the line I have a stable knee. I tore my ACL/PCL/MCL and posterolateral corner. (the PLC wasn't recognised and I started off with first a PCL recon and then ACL recon but although this improved stability I still couldn't manage without a brace)
I was convinced this situation could be improved (I was sure I had posterolateral instability) and saw other surgeons for 2nd and 3rd opinions.
Eventually 2 1/2 yrs after the original injury I had a complete redo with 3ligs revised/reconstructed like you, including an achilles tendon and 2 patella tendon allografts. I also needed a tibial osteotomy at the same time to realign my leg so that there wouldn't be so much strain on the posterolateral corner.
18 months down the line from this last mega surgery I have a very stable knee. I probably have grade 1 a/p instability and some medial instability but a tight PLC  The rotatory instability that was so difficult to walk with has completely gone.

I have had irritating soft tissue problems over the last year but I had some metalwork removed 3 weeks ago and hope that this will settle things down. I haven't needed a brace since 3 months post triple reconstruction) although I had needed one for the 2 years before that. I can't really run but and I feel apprehensive on slippery ground but all in all I feel I have a very good result compared to after ACL/PCL reconstruction alone.

Like you I also needed manipulation to regain flexion at 3 months, and also had an arthroscopic debridement at 7 months, both improved the situation.
It's a long haul but I would expect your knee to improve a lot over the next year as the muscles and soft tissues continue to strengthen. You have to balance preserving the knee joint with a desire to maintain as much activity as possible. I have settled for swimming and cycling and general walking. I'm not going to attempt running or twisting, I just couldn't bear to go back to having an unstable knee.
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ACL/PCL/MCL/PLC rupture April 01
diagnostic arthroscopy June 01
PCL reconstuction Sept 01;  MUA  Oct 01
ACL reconstruction Nov 01; arthroscopy Jan 03
HTO,posterolateral recon + ACL/PCL revision recons Sept 03;
MUA Jan 04
arthroscopic debridement of scartissue May 04
metalwork removal April 05

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I feel better knowing that I am not the only three ligament injury person out here. We all have had unfortunate incidents. I had my acl (patellar allograft) and pcl (achilles allograft) reconstructed, lcl reattached and lateral menicus repaired. I also sustained a delamination of a 2cmx2cm area of cartilage on my medial femoral condyle (non-weight bearing thank God). Not trying to win any contest here.

I had all the repairs done in one surgery 8 days post-injury on May 23,2005.

I have full extension and 90 degrees Passive ROM at 10 weeks. I am transitioning from 1 crutch to walking in brace at this time. Going to the OS in two days for next PT orders.

Any information you can provide to help me down the right track would be appreciated. I admire your perseverence in the long haul. Just trying to do things right.

Look forward to hearing from any of you guys (genderless).

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What do you want to know? I've had all my ligaments reconstructed, in some cases a few times, have almost no medial meniscus, torn lateral meniscus, tendons torn, tightened and tweaked, years of crutches, manipulations, physio, osteotomy, synvisc, cortisone etc. Maybe the treatment is better now for you who posted but I've been having surgeries for 23 years (i'm now 38), 30+ with the "best" surgeons. It's a long hard road where you have to take your treatment into your own hands. Become informed in treatment options, doctors, etc. There aren't many people around with really bad knees so don't listen to advice with someone who "had the same thing" It's not easy because sometimes you have to fight even the doctors who seem to know it all. My recommendation is to do anything you can to preserve your knee which means finding sports which you can do with no impact, twisting or otherwise. I didn't do this--thought high school and college sports were important and it really hurt me in the end. Now, I'm happy doing power yoga which has been a great help with overall strength and conditioning. Also, get to the best doctor--I went to Switzerland--as early as possible. I'm hoping to delay replacement for as long as possible so that they can continue to improve. Good luck!

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Hi Kat,
welcome to the site! Sorry to hear you have such bad knee problems, another person on here named TIGGS has similar problems with her knees, i suggest you talk to her. Goodluck!
*16 years old*
Left Knee:
SEVERAL dislocations
Grade 3 Chondromalacia
Medial & Lateral Meniscus tears
Plica Syndrome
Sept 14th 2005-(LK)ACL recon, TTT, menisectomy,plica removal

May 26th/06-Torn ACL(RK)

June 14th/06-(LK)ACL graft recon, screw removal, menisectomy