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Author Topic: First Steriod Injection  (Read 1680 times)

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First Steriod Injection
« on: May 05, 2005, 03:47:48 AM »
I have had 4 series of Synvisc injections over the past few years. The new insurance company forced me to try a Steriod injection for the first time.  I received the injection yesterday and it was pretty painless.  I really couldnt tell the difference between the Synvisc and Steriod other than there was more pressure from the Steriod (more fluid was being injected into my knee than during a single Synvisc injection)
Do most of you have the insurance that insists to cover the injection as a surgerical proceedure and charge an arm and a leg?  At my last employer I was able to get each of the Synvic injections covered by my $20 copay.  Now I have to pay my $1000 deductable.
I loved the benifit i received from the Synvisc.
Thanks for the support that evryone gives this site!

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