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Author Topic: Not again :( - fractured patela)  (Read 875 times)

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Not again :( - fractured patela)
« on: May 01, 2005, 10:30:46 AM »
I may have  just fracture my patela gain :( , the last time for 5 years ago, where it it almost split in 2 (bottom part breaking away from the top part).

This time less pain when occured but something didnt feel right and knee felt stiff, with some pressure to it.  I try bending my leg straight when sitting down on
a chair, but can only raise it a few inches off the ground before the pain kicks it. I have no problems supporting myself on the knee, but if I trip slightly, pain
shoots up into my knee. I'll see a doctor tomorrow to get a referal to get xrays, but im expecting the worst. Hopefully the fracture doesnt require surgery and
only imbolization.

Does this sound like a fractured patela? Im sure this is pretty much what happened 5 years ago, there was some very minor swelling. Could it be ligament damage or
cartilage damage?