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Author Topic: Greetings everyone  (Read 790 times)

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Greetings everyone
« on: April 30, 2005, 01:00:41 AM »
Hey everyone,

Just found this site and have already found some great info. Thanks for that. :-)
I am currently in PT for a shattered left patella. Some schmuck in a Ford Explorer pulled
out in front of me on the highway at the last second and I T-Boned him on my sport
bike at about 60 mph(errr... I think that's about 100kph give or take). I think my knee
 hit the side of his truck as I went over the hood.  Of course he had no insurance.
Had my surgery on 3/21 to remove the top portion as it was beyond repair and now
 my goal is to be playing hockey again by September. Just thought I would say hi
since I'm new here. I feel for all of you with knee injuries (it sucks) and I hope you
all get well soon.

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3/7/05 Shattered Left Patella (OS calls me pancake since that's what I did to it)
3/21/05 Top half of patella removed, quad tendon reattached to leftovers.
4/4/05 Start PT ROM = 14-36
4/14/05 ROM = 0-58
4/28/05 ROM = 0-84
5/5/05 ROM = 0-97
5/12/05 ROM = 0-115
5/18/05 ROM = 0-135

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Re: Greetings everyone
« Reply #1 on: April 30, 2005, 01:22:27 AM »
Hi Ryan
I hope you reach your goal soon.
Good luck

L knee injury 6/02
5 Scopes  3 Partial medial meniscectomy, 2 Diagnostic
High tibial osteotomy, Aborted medial meniscal transplantation 8 hrr surgery 3/2004
Total knee replacement 3/05
MUA & Debridement 6/05
Bone scan 11/50 Implant lose
2/27 date for revision

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Re: Greetings everyone
« Reply #2 on: April 30, 2005, 01:59:42 AM »
Ryan, I too ended up here due to a drunk driver 76 years old who had spent all day in the bar, and then came at me head on in my lane while leaning down to get another drink, with no lights on after dark. I had just pulled out about 3 blocks away, and some hime when my lights hit his bumper. THE car behind me said, I pulled, out, hit the lights and then she heard the crash, as she could not see him since he had no lights on . HAD minimal insurance not even enought for the $300000 plus so far, and of course,owned nothing. BEEN a miserable three years , that is for sure, and I hope you heal faster and better. Teresa
On going instrumentation failure, chronic infection,
Arthroscopes Left 11 Right 2, MRSA, L TKR  ,  Revision, LR x5, Medial and lateral meniscus repair, Broken prosthesis
Osteochondral Fracture,untreated 6 mths. Revision new tkr 01-07 awaiting new hip and right knee
R TKR pending

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Re: Greetings everyone
« Reply #3 on: April 30, 2005, 02:06:15 AM »
Hi Ryan,

Welcome to the board!!  Sorry to hear about your accident.  This is a great place to get some support.  GOOD LUCK with your recovery!!  Work hard in PT and hopefully you will be back to playing hockey before you know it!! 

Casey  :)
LOA #2 and hardware removal 12/15/08-new cartilage from ACI looks "GOOD"
LOA on left knee 3/18/07
ACI and HTO on left knee 10/22/07
scope of right knee on 6/21/07
microfracture left knee 3/18/05