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Author Topic: glad to find this list again. Last three years have been fun.  (Read 763 times)

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I have finally found this list again. I am now 5 weeks post op of a TKA. I am have rom problems. I am Ė23 on my extension and about 85 of flexion. They have put me on a dyna splint for extension  8 hours a night. Now on Friday they are going to fit me for a dyna splint for flexion to be worn 2 to 4 hour a days to start . Plus my PT 3 times a week. My PT now stand on a chair to put more pressure on my knee when she is trying to straighten it out. What fun. I am not sure what is coming up next. I just want my ROM back. They are talking maybe MUA. I not to sure what is involved in this. This has been a long three years since my injury. And a very long and hard battle with workers compís paper work.
I am glad to find this list again. It helps to see that I am not out there alone. I am a carpenter and have now been told that I will probably never go back to that line of work since I had a knee replacement. I guess ladders, roof walking, and all that good stuff, does not go good with a knee replacement. Posted below is my history of this injury.
Thanks to all on this list for support.


6/14/02    Injury date         
7/12      MRI   Impression: Medial  meniscal tear, Chondromalacia patellae,
Medial tibial contusion, Bakerís cyst
8/26   Operation: Arthroscopic , . & Arthroscopic medial synovectomy.
11/25   Operation: Excision of scar tissue, removed plica both from superior medial and superior lateral aspect.
12/3   Physical Therapy 12 weeks, 3 times per week
6/13/03   New OS
7/17/03   Bone Scan: Increased tracer accumulation seen through the distal left femur and tibial plateau
08/12   Left knee Arthroscopy, Partial medial meniscectomy, Partial Lateral meniscectomy.
9/12   Unloader  brace
1/13/04   Left bone length study of lower extremity
3/16   Left knee high tibial osteotomy, Left knee partial medial meniscectomy, Left knee aborted medial meniscal transplantation. 8 hour surgery
3/17   Cpm machine
3/29   Had to change OS, Current OS left state.
5/11   Road runner brace
4/28   PT 9 weeks
10/22   Diagnostic left knee arthroscopy. Significant varus laxity (HTO failed). Significant arthritic changes ( Option no longer available for meniscal transplant)
3/14/05   Total knee replacement
3/18   CPM
3/21   PT 3 times week for 3 months
4/19    Dyna Splint extension

 :) :)

L knee injury 6/02
5 Scopes  3 Partial medial meniscectomy, 2 Diagnostic
High tibial osteotomy, Aborted medial meniscal transplantation 8 hrr surgery 3/2004
Total knee replacement 3/05
MUA & Debridement 6/05
Bone scan 11/50 Implant lose
2/27 date for revision


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Re: glad to find this list again. Last three years have been fun.
« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2005, 01:15:30 PM »

Hi, if you check out the Rehab Dept. under Soft Tissue Healing Problems you can find posts about MUA if you dig around a bit.  You could also Google search and find articles about this process.

Good luck,