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Author Topic: 2 ACL Repairs 1 Cartelege on same knee  (Read 1378 times)

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2 ACL Repairs 1 Cartelege on same knee
« on: April 28, 2005, 07:00:43 AM »
Hello All,
  I'm new to these boards.  I have had 2 acle repairs on the same knee and when i had my second ACl repair they repaired my Miniscus as well  I played football (american football) throughout highschool, and that is how i injured my knee.  Its been about 10 months since my second ACL repair and minisus repair... im looking to play again... I do have a very elaborate and expensive brace i can wear, im just wonder if it would be a good idea to try to play again, or perhaps i should workout my leg more untill it is stronger. 

I was also wondering if having had two ACL repairs makes my knee significantly weaker than only having had one surgery.  My first surgery used the Patella Tendon, and my second (and current one) was done using the hamstring.  Any advice about this would be helpful as well.  Thanks!

Any adivice would help

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Re: 2 ACL Repairs 1 Cartelege on same knee
« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2005, 03:12:42 PM »
Hey James,

Obviously, the more ACL's you have done the chances of weakness of graft are greater.  Before going back to sports make sure you have equal strenght in both your legs.  And equal range of motion: extension and flexion. 

The true way to test quad strenght is on a Cybex machine at a PT office that has one and performs these kind of tests.  You may need to call around to find one.

Good Luck

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