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Author Topic: please help- very frustrated and scared-need advice  (Read 798 times)

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please help- very frustrated and scared-need advice
« on: April 28, 2005, 03:37:52 AM »
 I have had ongoing problems with my right knee since July of 2003 when I injured it kickboxing. I had a very hard time walking, had a hard time straightening my leg,  and eventually  lost all ability to straighten my leg while walking. I had no pain to the touch but felt a major blockage inside of my knee when I tried to extend my leg while standing.   My first Ortho thought it was problem with my kneecap that could be corrected with physical therapy. Two months later (and nearly $200 dollars wasted) my knee was just as bad if not worse. Frustrated, I went to another HIGHLY reccomended Orthopedic surgeon who  ordered an MRI. It determined that I had a lateral meniscus tear and no other injuries.  On January 24th of this year he removed 20% of my lateral meniscus. He said I should make a full recovery and be able to walk normal. A couple days after surgery I started experiencing this horrible "catching" feeling in the back of my knee. It felt like a rubber band was being pulled to the point of breakage. My doctor said this was from lack of stretching. I did attend PT after surgery which really did nothing. My last appointment with my doctor was in February. He told me to join a gym to straighten the muscles in my leg.   My knee is worse today then it has EVER been. Now when I extend it makes the HORRIBLE trio of cracking noises. When I try to walk with my leg extended it feels like it is going to give out and makes a popping sound. I am unable to do any sort of exercise exept the elliptical(my doctor has told me due to the removal of my meniscus I am at a much greater risk of developing arthritis so any impact exercise is out) I am very afraid that I will soon have to give that up also because my other knee is starting to throb with pain. I am thinking this is due to overcompensation.  I really feel that there is still something very wrong mechanically with my knee. I know the obivous response is to go back to my dr but after being misdiagnosed  and being let down with false hopes of normalcy I have lost all faith in doctors..Any advice is greatly appreciated.. April

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Re: please help- very frustrated and scared-need advice
« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2005, 08:20:22 AM »
I am so sorry to hear you're having a rough time. Frustration is the WORST thing. It feels like if someone just knew what they were doing it could be fixed in a jiffy!!

Are you in the UK??

If so, your family doctor should be able to help. That is, if you can convince him/her that you really need it. It seems that if a patient is 'functioning' okay (in their eyes), you stop being a priority.

So. You could.....
get to your family doctor for advice and a different referral
research knee specialists in your area to find one who can deal with ongoing problems not just a quick fix
post on this board for a recommended OS in your area(long shot I know)
Rest the knee and try massage etc to make it happier
Take anti inflammatories to see if that helps now. Only my opinion but it seems the medical people you've seen just don't get it. One thing I did recently, which helped, was ask my PT to write to my OS with all her thoughts. (This helped because my OS has a hard time beleiving I'm making enough effort in PT. This makes me pretty angry like I want to punch him,  but I won't. He thinks my lack of flexion is effort related but I do my PT 4 times a day at home)

Good luck and keep posting. It helps to vent to people who understand
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Re: please help- very frustrated and scared-need advice
« Reply #2 on: April 28, 2005, 12:35:54 PM »
If you are in the US,,,,,, get another opinion. Any time that you feel that your OS is blowing you off or not listening, get a second opinion.

good luck
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