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Author Topic: PKR, UKR  (Read 2159 times)

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« on: January 01, 2003, 04:21:14 PM »
PKR - partial knee replacement
UKR - unicompartmental knee replacement

The same thing, really.

They mean that not the whole of the knee joint is replaced with metal/plastic, but only the one part, usually one of the rounded ends (condyles) of the thighbone (femur).

The knee is thought of as having three compartments - one related to each of the condyles, and the bit under the kneecap - so unicompartmental means only one of these compartments is replaced.

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« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2003, 04:58:18 PM »
Would a bone graft be considered PKR?

I had about 50% of the surface area of one of my bones eroded due to long term contact with floating body, and so a bone graft on that surface. Is there an acronym for that?