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Author Topic: pain after 12 month after total knee replacement  (Read 932 times)

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pain after 12 month after total knee replacement
« on: April 22, 2005, 05:58:42 PM »
I had 3 times ortherscopy to treat my degenerative arthirites and finally last year May 2004 I had total knee replacement .Since then till now Iam still using canes to move around and have pain and swelling on my knee .Tow Doctors have diffrent Diagnosis about my case .A surgeon who suspects on infection of my knee. He took fliid out of my knee sent it to labrotory and it came back negative. He suggested for another artherscopy to take a fluid and a tissue from inside .I agreed and had my fourth artherscopy on11 April 2005 .The samples sent to lab and also shown to be negative. I met with the surgeon Yesterday and still he is not convenced and inssists that I must have infection He put me under antibiotics now for 12 days and recommendes to take them for 3 weeks if no improvement then he would go for tow stage surgeory
Another Rhemotologest thinks that I dont have infection but inflamation and he put me under rumicate allready I had 3 injections but no improvement What will be your advice to me
Best regards
Dr Ahmed Eltigani