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Author Topic: Knee instability following various ligament tears!!  (Read 896 times)

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Knee instability following various ligament tears!!
« on: April 12, 2005, 03:48:22 PM »
I first tore my right ACL while playing American Football for my university back in December 1994. NHS said I was not an urgent case so had to wait for the op to reconstruct it. Finally convinced the University to pay for the treatment and managed to get the op done privately (BUPA) in June 1995,  :-[ where the OS used my patellar tendon for the graft.

Everything seemed fine - full rehab loads of physio, pool work etc and as good as new apart from a slightly lower patella!

Went back to playing American Football wearing a Donjoy GoldPoint brace as recommended by the OS. Did well for a number of years - representing GB students!  ;D

In June 2001, in mid tackle, managed to tear my MCL (whilst wearing the Donjoy!!). Was advised my my OS (new guy) that the tear should heal of its own accord and would take a number of weeks. Unfortunately, although the ligament did heal it was too long and gave little or no lateral stability with the joint opening considerably. The OS suggested an MCL advancement which he carried out on November 2001 and 5 months after the initial injury, he finally allowed me back to work!!!

No major problems since then, a little pain but nothing major, until the tail end of last year!

Whilst walking round Tesco (supermarket for any non-UK readers) after turning to the right, my knee felt weird, like it was trying to bend in the wrong direction, almost locking  and then gave way. The giving way happened very frequently until I finally decided to go to the doctor again!

Referred to a new OS who after examination (very painful!) recommended an MRI, then an examination under anaesthetic and an arthroscopy to check everything out.

The MRI scan was inconclusive (due to the metal work in my knee) and after the arthroscopy he confirmed I had a horizontal tear in the posterior horn of medial meniscus. I asked about the lateral instability and the giving way and he told me that the giving way would probably stop as this was likely to be caused by the meniscal tear but there was nothing he could do about the lateral instability (the knee opens about 20 degrees or so).

He told me that a lot of people's knees are that bad naturally and that I'm unlucky as I have a good knee to compare it to! He then told me that I should wear a knee brace (Innovation Sports Edge) whenever I'm doing any activities other than the usual walking in the street.

Can anyone give me some advice about whether I am left with this instability for life or is there anything that can be done?

My wife is pregnant with our first baby and the idea of wearing a brace to play football with them as they get older is not appealing!!

Any help, advice or guidance would be appreciated!!