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Author Topic: end of my rope  (Read 728 times)

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end of my rope
« on: April 12, 2005, 07:14:19 AM »
im so frustrated.  i have no idea where to post this, so feel free to move as needed...

im 21.  i played soccer for 15 years, until my freshman year of college.  i was forced to quit due to knee problems.  i loved soccer.  went to college on a soccer scholarship.  i was veryvery active.  its so hard going from that to the point im at now. 

i went to an os during my freshman year soccer season, he suggested we scope my knee, and told me i couldnt play anymore.  i skipped the scope, and had to quit playing.  i was devastated.  fast forward a few years.  i spent two years in horrible pain, w/ a knee that gave out constantly.  finally, in august of 2004, i went to an os.  the first one i went to flat out lied to me, told me that the mri report had shown nothing, as i was walking out of the hospital where his office was, i got a call from the mri dept asking me to come back in for a second set of images b/c the first set showed some problems.   ???

i went to a different os, who told me he knew how to help me.  and promised me id be playing soccer this spring.  i had my first surgery on october 8.  he opened up the back of my knee and removed a cyst, i had 26 staples and a 12 inch scar in an s shape along the back of my leg.  he also scoped my knee and removed plica.  i was in the hospital for 2 days.  at my one week check up i was still on crutches and in a great deal of pain.  they kept my knee completely immobilized and told me to return the following week to get the staples out.  i started pt right away.  i worked my ass off in pt, but wasnt making much progress.  in december, my os decided to do a manipulation under anesthesia to break up scar tissue.  after this i was in pt for 5 more weeks.  my insurance coverage for pt ran out, and i stopped going.  my knee still continued to give out constantly.  my os could not understand why i was still in so much pain and having so many problems.  on feb. 4 2005, my knee completely gave out in the middle of the night causing me to fall and roll my ankle.  i fractured my ankle and dislocaed the subtalar joint.  i had a closed reduction performed the next day.

i spent 8 weeks in a cast.  the last 3 were full weight bearing.  during that time i fell quite a few times from my knee giving way.  when i got the cast removed, i was in so much pain.  my doc just had me walk out of his office.  no brace or anything.  on the way out, i fell, again.  i got a little irritated at that point.  and everytime i would call, they would tell me he was in surgery, and would call me back, then no one would ever call.  finally, i gave up on that doc. 

i saw a new os 2 weeks ago.  he played around w/ my knee a whole bunch, told me he'd never seen anything like this before.  my entire leg is a huge black and blue bruise.  there are a bunch of hard lumps on my knee/shin from falling.  it hurts so bad.  it just locks and gives way, several times a day.  i left there w/ an order to get a new mri.  we got that done, he read it and said he cant seem to find anything wrong.  i dont know what to do anymore.  im in constant pain.  my knee gives away at least once, if not more times a day.  no one seems to know what to do for me.  no one seems to even know whats wrong, let alone how to fix it.  ive tried working up the muscles in that leg to see if they were just weak, no such luck.  tried heat, ice, swimming, exercise bikes, everything.  nothing helps.  i have three cysts i can feel in the back of my knee.  they dont hurt, but i dont understand why they came back.  the os who removed it in october said it wouldnt. 

i just need some advice, guidance, something.  has anyone gone thru something like this?  any advice?  thank you so much :)

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Re: end of my rope
« Reply #1 on: April 12, 2005, 12:49:27 PM »
YOu need a KNEE SPECIALIST. You know that something is wrong (it is not normal for your knee to give way everyday, although mine does it too  ;D) Dont give up just because you have had 2 bad experiences. There are good OSs out there, you just need to find the right one for you. I know that  it is hard to keep your optomism but you have to keep trying. YOU are your best advocate. Get your records and get another opinion, if you dont like that OS, get ANOTHER  opinion.

good luck
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