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Author Topic: Armed forces  (Read 1689 times)

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Armed forces
« on: April 05, 2005, 03:24:06 PM »
I know some of you have served in the armed forces but have had to stop because of your knees unfortunately.

I've wanted to join the Territorial Army (UK) for sometime now and have been sent all my application forms a while a go and am filling them in now for future use. For any americans who might not know the TA forms part of the reserve forces of the UK so it isn't full time. I ideally would like to join the medical services as a medic.

I know right now I can't get in because of the knee and that but has anyone got back in the the armed forces on these boards after their knee has been sorted. I know after reading about some of you lot and what you have had happen mine now seems kinda minor. (And especially yesterday. My left knee which is my "good" knee felt perfect. It felt back to normal and my right felt much better. Although today is a different story.) I know I could join now and not mention my knee and I would get along fine but I know I would be making whatevers wrong worse which I don't want to do!

So how many have you got back in to the armed forces and any tips, fitness or otherwise for me that might help me!



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