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Author Topic: CPM machine good for knees?  (Read 5414 times)

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CPM machine good for knees?
« on: April 05, 2005, 09:42:24 AM »
Hi, I was wondering as someone with OCD, if a CPM machine is good for the cartilage? They use CPM machines after surgery, since it promotes nutrition to the joint. So why not use it regularly? Does the motion cause friction? Or is it just that insurance companies are cheap and don't want to provide helpful tools?

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Re: CPM machine good for knees?
« Reply #1 on: October 01, 2007, 12:23:07 PM »
I know this is an old post but I thought I would answer it any way.   I used a cpm machine after my knee surgery and it was benficial however, soon I was bending my knee past the point where the machine goes....I could bend it further on my own then  when using the machine.  Therefore, I would say that if a person has a normal range of motion in their knee then the CPM machine would probably not be of help.