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Author Topic: It Feels Like I'm Starting Over Again...  (Read 1948 times)

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It Feels Like I'm Starting Over Again...
« on: August 16, 2002, 08:28:20 AM »
Hey everybody, it's late in the evening and I know from postings that some of you are probably still up.  I just wanted to vent some more (again).  I'm really struggling to stay positive throughout all this, but it's wearing me down both physically and mentally.  Right now, I'm playing a waiting game with the OS for answers on the right leg after LR surgery in February.  I'm starting to think the right leg is cursed or something.  It's been through so much already with Achilles Tendon surgery and then after only being off crutches for 6 months or so after being on them most of two years, the poor leg was chosen first to have LR surgery.  It worked out okay, until it was the left leg's turn for LR surgery in May.  Going from recovery room into wheelchair I tore my calf muscle, which really wasn't discovered until at least a month later when I started moving around a little.  My right leg started going down hill since then.  My PT and I let it rest and stopped any therapy that seemed to make the calf hurt and it faded.  Will it happened again.  I again retore the right calf muscle.  So now, I'm battling pain from my heel to my quads instead only from knee to quads.  So I guess...I'm starting over.  My therapist call me the frequent flyer jokingly.  I'm not sure what to do anymore,except be placed in a padded room, but noing me I'd trip on something and fall again.  Tomorrow my physical therapist it going to try and tape the right leg to help with the pain.  I'm forever supposed to wear that very uncomfortable patellar stablizing brace.  Only two and a half more months tell I go back to the doc.  I hope the leg stills moving by then.  I tried calling and talking to him, left a message with secretary.  The nurse called back to basically say, that there's nothing to do for it right now and just to wait it out.  Very supportive doc, great with bed-side manner (sarcasm).  Oh by the way, insurance will not cover me visiting another OS.  I talked with them yesterday.  So the long struggle continues on and on and on.  Wonder how many years this will take?
Right  LR on 2/8/02,  7/11/03, and 11/5/05
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