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Author Topic: Surgeons are funny people!  (Read 737 times)

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Surgeons are funny people!
« on: March 21, 2005, 12:14:23 AM »
Hey all, hope your well. Well on my front its mixed new. My knee though still painful on days has healed beautifully in my eyes and the OS said that if it was better by jan, he would stick me back on the list for the other one.

So I rocked up at his office and told him of the miracle story of how my cankle went to ankle and the pus went to healed goodness and the lump from my LR dissappeared, and then I went back to sport.......(until the un operated knee dislocated!....'doh). So he seems pleased and wanted to take a look at his handy work, and there comes the problem.
1) its still inflammed and these silly wiry band things and some suture material that didn't dissolve are meant to be the caulprits.
2) The scar to him hasn't healed well enough due to the infection i had - Its still bright purple 7 months down the line and admittly doesn't look too pretty and itches, but to me not a big deal - he still gets plastics to look at it, as a compromise and they want to chop the scar out and at the same time he would remove all the bands and the suture material.
3) I have a lump on the side of my knee which gets bigger when I run and this is where the capsule was damaged, which the os thought would heal and hasn't. So I have knee ick coming out of the side of my knee.

So this leads to the fact that hes not happy doing another lot of surgery until this knee is right, but I'm happy with my knee as it stands and I don't want anymore surgery to it - I mean I'm happy with my scar and what if they do all that work and its looks the same adn it hardly hurts at all now. I just can't wait to have my left knee done so that I can row again which is why I had the op off season, but I've had to give my seat up this year as the other knee is bad that I can't train.

Has anyone else had a difference of opinion with their OS on further surgery. I mean 'cause this is the first time I think that him and I have.

Knees are such confusing things!
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