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Author Topic: Surgery on left posterior medial meniscus 6 months ago, pain is BACK!!  (Read 1304 times)

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Hi everyone,
I am 17 years old and a senior in high school. I have had knee issues since sophomore year. I am a very well rounded person, and play a lot of sports. THis year in football i got some cheap shots, and it just killed my knee. I ended up with a big tear in my left posterior medial meniscus. I surgery oct 1st, and I had the "top-hat" shapped rods put in there to fix it. I wanted to get ready for for the ski season because it was my last year skiing for our school, and we had a strong chance at making it to the state finals (something our school hasnt gone to for 15 years for skiing). We finally had a strong squad, and i was one of our main factors for our talent. So i worked very very very hard in rehab (and had some pain come along the way, thought i tore it again, then it eventually went away). Skiing went great.....but it was hard to get back in the motions, and it took a lot of practice, but i got it!! Our team went far and it was worth it. But, during the beginging of the season the pain i had was on the thigh where they made the inciscion for the scope.  And the muscle was torn through and wasnt that strong yet. I had a few bad crashes (one led to a nasty concussion) and after that the pain was back in teh same spot as it was before surgery. It was on the inside part of my left knee. It just feels so sore always, i cant sit crossed leg because it locks up and is so stiff to get out, it hurts when i go up stairs, and soemtimes just walking, and my knee always clicks or pops. THere is also pain in the very front of my knee, under the knee cap. Also on the back of my knee, it hurts to take longer strides because it feels like it is getting stretched out too far, or even sometimes in short strides.  So i am very scared i tore it again, and i think I might have. I stopped skiing over a month ago, and i have just rested it since then. I thought the pain would go away, but its horrible!! It still hurts bad, and only gets worse at times. I dont want to go through surgery again because it sucked!! 1-2 months on cruthces was really bad, and alot of rehab. And my doc said if he finds teh tear in the same spot, he wont scope it, he will make an 8 inch incicsion on the back, and just sew up it up a lot. Im also a breakdancer and love it, and this haas made it hard to dance. I was on our homecoming court this year (and i really dont care much for that, but it was cool to that my class voted for me to almost be king), but i was on crutches then, and i missed teh dance. Our next one, i just got a concussion the day before, and want able to go. And my next dance is in 2 months, and i dont think i'll be ready if i get surgery now. And i deff wont be ready if i get an 8 inch cut on the back of my leg. SO IM JUST VERY COFUSED AS TO WHAT TO DO!!

1.) I am going to see my doc within a week, should i get another MRI?
3.) DO YOU SUGGEST SURGERY? and if i should get it, when should i do it? (next year i am at college and i dont want to be wobbling around on them on campus, haah)

-Perry Bhullar
Rochester, MI

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Hi Perry....

First off....the symptoms you have described do unfortunately sound like you may have torn the meniscus again   :o

and I will try and answer your questions as I see the situation...

1/ No....another MRI is unlike;y to be conclusive at all as you have had a previous mencsal repair... Even if it has healed and is untorn this area that has the scar from the healing process within the meniscus will still look like a tear! I have had this same problem after having meniscus repair myself and nearly ALL surgeons prefer to do either a diagnostic arthrosopy to find and fix the problem OR/ if they are sure it is a re tear and its in a VERY difficult place to reach via arthrosopy (like yours) then to do an open surgery to effect the repair. this is considered the "gold" standard of meniscus repairs though open surgery by itself can have some side effects.

2/ YES, unfortunately

3/ YES. Get the surgery as SOON as possible. I know it may be hard at your age but you must FORGET break dancing, skiing and so on and try and think about the bigger picture...meaning the future health of your knee. It is Great that your surgeon will repair and not remove the damaged meniscus but you must keep up your side of the bargain! and break dancing must surely be one of the worst things for a torn meniscus  :o

My advice? get the surgery ASAP as the tear is likely to heal better if not left for a long period.
After the surgery....know that the rehab is tough but also give your body a chance...that means don't push yourself into skiinguntil your leg is feeling A1.
As for breakdancing. I would give that a miss for ever as the health of your knee is just so much more important than what you will gain from doing re tear the re repair! then most surgeons will decide it must be removed and that is when things can get nasty....especially as the tear is right near the blood supply of the meniscus...this would mean losing nearly ALL of the medial mensicus...NOT good  :o and a situation I have been faced with in the past except that was with my lateral meniscus which is meant to be even worse to lose  ::)

Anyway..Hope that helps a bit and post back if yo have any other questions

All the best


Big bucket handle tear to lateral meniscus from sporting injury. Arthroscopy and meniscal repair carried out June 2004. sloooowwww recovery!!

2018 - torn medial meniscus in RH knee, partial extrusion. ongoing issues,

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Hey Andrew!!

Thank you so much for posting some information, i didnt think i would get it that fast. I really appreciate it.

That deffinately gave me food for thought, and when I look at the bigger picture and my future ahead, I agree that it is best to do ithe surgyer now (even though it is hard to give up the things I Love). Since my ski season is over, and I am not going to be going to a college strictly for skiing, I can put that off for a long time. I did have a shot at making some junior olympic teams and stuff because when I was training out west, my coach (he is on the world circuit) said if I kept working on it, I would have a shot at going big. But I really want to be a doctor when I grow up. That is something I have wanted to do since I was in 1st grade. I love skiing and all, but with my knee condition I dont think that is the route to go for a carreer (the world cup skiing is brutal on your body, and im only 17with issues, and I dont think i would last long out thre). I guess with this knee thing it has made me realize what i want more, and given me more direction. As they always say, everything happens for  a reason!!

But for breakdancing, thas another big thing i love. But there are many forms of it...such as the just moving your body in a "wormlike motion" spinnng on your head, "poping and locking" (low impact on knees since it is upper body), and other moves. I dont plan to do the big and crazy moves anytime soon, but do you think i could do the little casual things for fun and stuff when I am at a party or so? OR IS DANCING COMPLETELY OUT OF THE QUESTION!!!

Could I wait after june 1st for my prom, and then get the surgery. I would have all summer to recover, and then go to college. College would start 2.5 months after surgery. I know that would be enough time to start waling with an scope sugery, but if I had "OPEN" would that be enough!! And how long are you on crutches for "open surgery"

Thank you so much

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Hi Perry!

I live in Michigan (go to DCDS) and I'm also a senior. I've had knee problems and surgeries since 8th grade (I'm waiting for surgery #7). Anyways, I totally know where you're coming from. I've gone to 2 dances on crutches and 2 dances where I didn't take my crutches but I had to sit for most of it because of my knee. I was also really involved in sports- basketball and varsity track (captain by sophomore year and 6th in region for 100m & 3rd in region for 4x100m).

However, I learned the hard way and I'm now at the point where I can never run again or play basketball or anything. And I'm 18. I don't want to necessarily scare you, just make you think about the big picture. I had an ACL reconstruction and 2 medial meniscal repairs because of bball or track. I was supposed to make full recoveries and return to sports. But I didn't. My ACL was done improperly so I need a revision. My surgeons removed all of my meniscus because I kept tearing it (it eventually got to the point where I'd slip on some water by the pool or make a wrong step and tear more of it). I now need a meniscus transplant to prevent my articular cartilage damage from getting worse.

You finished your skiing season (which I understand why you did it) so I'd see the surgeon, have the surgery, and do your rehab. Hopefully you'll make a full recovery. It sucks if it takes away your breakdancing, but at least you'll lead a somewhat normal life. It still hurts for me to walk for more than 15 minutes and I take 40mg of long-lasting morphine daily to just function.

Open surgery recovery time depends on your surgeon, but prolly 4-6 months to return to heavy activity. You should be walking by the time college starts if you had it right after prom (what college are you going to?) And I wouldn't blame you for waiting after prom, but if you have just a scope- I'd do it now...

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.
Medial Meniscus Repair- '00,03
Partial Meniscectomy- '03, '04
ACL Reconstruction- '02
Exploratory Scope- '05
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Scar Tissue Removel- '07

** Medial meniscus transplant is in the near future... **