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Author Topic: Hyalgan Injection update  (Read 1589 times)

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Hyalgan Injection update
« on: March 14, 2005, 05:01:27 AM »

Hi All.

I had my OATS surgery in Aug 2004 and still limping, not able to really bend, and now my DR said to start Hyalgan injections.

I had my 1st with just local spray to numb it...WOW that hurt..Plus I had to take enough Xanax to calm me for my boyfriend to drive me...I am needlephobic... But my dr said this will help for me to have pain relief up to 26 weeks I am hoping...

ok the next week I had my second...I decided this time, local spray and then a local like lidocaine injection to numb, they left me for like 10 min..The lidocaine hurt but I have to say I did not feel the Hyalgan injection so that is a better option...2 needles but not to really feel the big one LOL

Ok tomorrow I have my 3rd one and I am going to do the spray and then local and then I wait 1 month and see if I have to get the next series...i have severe Osteoarthritis...I am 31...I am hoping I will get better and be able to do the things I used to but for now I am in pain every day and am hoping this will work...anyone else have Hyalgan? How long did it take for it to be like sorta pain free?? I am so sick of taking pain meds...and being miserable everyday...

I am sick of limping and hurting....Man sometimes I feel this surgery was the worst thing I coulda had but I know it was good for me because I fell and I had to have the surgery :( My knee I guess is in better shape I am wondering if my DR will give me another MRI or not..

Well I will update after my 3rd...

I wonder why they have to wait 1 month for the next series?

Thanks :)


8-27-04 OATS Procedure
2-05 1st injection Hyalgan Injections
2-05 2nd injection of Hyalgan
3-14-05 3rd Injection of Hyalgan

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Re: Hyalgan Injection update
« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2005, 04:12:53 PM »
Did your pain diminish from the first set of injections? 

Why did your doctor wait 6 months after OATs to suggest the injections?  I am wondering if I could get them (I am almost 3 months out from my OATS with the pain the same as before the surgery).

Did your doctor say the grafts 'took' but that your pain is now due to your remaining osteoarthritis spots?  I don't have osteoarthritis but the doctor doesn't know why I still have pain after my OATs.

Joy in Dallas
Scope 10/04 and debridement of chondral defect,  OATs on 1/05