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Author Topic: Bone Bruise (Knee)  (Read 10342 times)

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Re: Bone Bruise (Knee)
« Reply #15 on: March 24, 2005, 05:55:15 AM »
I have to agree with Teresa 110%.  Age 13 and only 4 months into this--with constant irritation like walking on it and BIKE RIDES--seems like a bit hasty.  You might want to get the OS to order another MRI from a different company, and have different images/angles ordered.  And perhaps a full PFS diagnostic series of knee x-rays--standing, sitting, slightly bent, merchant view, etc.

But I've got to tell knee issues began at 13 after 4 months of Varsity swimteam.  It took over a year of bracing, PT exercises, and REST for the knee to feel better.  I did well for another 18 years before I finally had surgery, and it's been downhill ever since.

Anyway, it's great that the OS is taking her pain seriously--this is the first step to treatment.  But PLEASE put her in specialized physical therapy with a skilled PT, preferrably one who does sports performance enhancement!  That way, they can evaluate, gauge weak areas, and work on them with biofeedback, e-stim assisted exercises, special stretches and strengthening work (primarly non-weight-bearing at first, while symptoms are acute), and special anti-inflammatory and analgesic modalities.  I guarantee if she has ultrasound done with cortisone and bio-freeze gel, she will feel like she has a new knee!!

Sometimes it's tough to get PT on an HMO.  They would pay for PT after surgery, but not to prevent it.  You've got to look at that and raise red flags....

As I said, I was on crutches at 13 with 'the worst knee pain ever.'  (My words.)  My surgeon was very, very wise.  He told me there is nothing so bad that it can't be made worse by inappropriate surgery.  He told me there were no guarantees that surgery would help, and he could guarantee that it would initially make things worse.  Of course, this was after I'd been thoroughly assessed and had no meniscus problems or anything.

Rest, PT, and activity modification--they can get your daughter through this, along with a little patience.  Stop the bike rides--they make things worse.  Truly, I understand that your hubby is trying to help, but if she's got a BONE BRUISE, there is nothing that muscles can do...but she can irritate the bejeepers out of that area by working her legs against resistance.  So stop that right now!  Until she's had GENUINE rest, you can't tell whether it will calm down on its own or not....

Just my $.02.  And it goes without saying that a meniscal tear or something like that changes everything.

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Re: Bone Bruise (Knee)
« Reply #16 on: March 24, 2005, 07:25:11 AM »
Just a note from my own experience- I had a cortisone shot into the knee when my first surgeon was telling me he didn't know why my knee was so irritated and sore. (Bone bruise which wasn't picked up by him.) The shot was great, I was absolutely pain free, could move totally normally because I had no pain signals - and I ended up reinjuring myself thoroughly over using injury sites. The shot didn't wear off- I just got the pain up to a level where it overcame the shot, and that is when I think personally that I tore out my ACL. Even if her knee feels better, please let your daughter know to be careful! When I saw the second OS, he pointed out to me, there's no point in anaesthetising an injury- you fix nothing, you just stop noticing when you're hurting yourself. :(
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