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Author Topic: Patellar fracture - back to sport  (Read 2296 times)

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Patellar fracture - back to sport
« on: December 20, 2002, 08:03:33 PM »
Hey,  Broken patella friends..  Just a little success story...

I had started playing floor hockey sporadically over the last 3-4 weeks.  I am still slow and limpy when running, but for some reason people still want me to play- go figure.
Wed I got a call from a friend who's team I used to play on, saying she had the  stomach flu, and they needed me to fill in a few shifts to give their other defensewoman a break (the other two girls can only play offense- it's coed 4 on 4- two girls have to be on the floor at all times).  She told me that the other defensewoman would be able to play most of the time, and that they would probably lose the first game and be done with it.
Well... I ended up playing  more than I had intended..   The other defensewoman got slashed hard in the ankle so we were both limpy-gimpies for a little while.   Not to mention we won the semi-final game, so we had to play in the finals!  And we won that game too!.  It felt like a major accomplishment, after all I've been thru in the last year, to receive  one of those super-ugly-cheesy sweatshirts the league gives to the champion team.   My knee was a little angry with me  the next day, and demanded more ice than usual,  but feeling better now.  Don't plan on playing again until January, though, so hopefully it will get a good rest..  

Now today is my last day at work until January!  I go to Florida on Monday.  I am afraid of the plane ride.  I still can't handle sitting with a bent knee for long periods of time (movie theatres, etc).  I actually used a vacation day Tuesday because they had a 4 hour long meetingat work,  in a room with theatre style seating.  (The boredom was bad enough without the knee issues zzzz!  At least the pain in the knee would have kept me awake, though ha ha!)  I can't  believe I still have such a hard time with it, especially when I can run at this point with little or no pain!  

Anyway, hope everyone has great Holidays!  

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Shattered patella 4/6/2002.  
Fixed w/ open surgery 4/8/2002, using Two Screws, and Figure of Eight Tension Band Wiring.  Hardware removed 5/28/2003.

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Re: Happy Holidays!  And won floorhockey champions
« Reply #1 on: December 20, 2002, 10:38:14 PM »

What a great all us patella fractures the motivation to keep on moving. I can't even imagine running at this point!

Where do you get pain when sitting for long periods of time? I'm going to Texas for a music festival in March (meet all of my friends from Boston there) and have a feeling it's going to be a little difficult.

I'm at week 12 now and have finally  hit 90 degrees in rom. ugh.  I'm full weight bearing and the quads are getting stronger every day but walking is painful, not in the kneecap but underneath and to the outside. It feels like a steel vice wrapped around the knee every step I take. This does not make me a happy girl! My PT doesn't have an elliptical trainer so I'm going to my sisters gym this weekend to try one there....I remember that helped you a lot. I've been swimming the past 2 weeks...I highly recommend that to everyone. Any more rehab (rom) advice you have would be great. My PT is trying to tell me 90 degrees is a functinal knee....not for me!!

I'm returning to nyc on Dec. 30. My roommate has graciously offered to drive up to albany and pick me up. It will be interesting to see what a new OS and a new PT have to say. I'm definitely nervous about returning to the fast pace of city living.

Have a wonderful holiday ....just think about the warm weather waiting for you after the plane ride


9/22/02 tripped ice skating, shattered patella, surgical repair with wire. Hardware removed 3/26/03 with manipulation and debridement.

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Re: Happy Holidays!  And won floorhockey champions
« Reply #2 on: December 21, 2002, 01:05:34 AM »
Rhonda, well done and congratulations on the addition of yet another cheesy T shirt to your collection.  I have a little emotional difficulty with any mixed game where there are clubs issued to the protagonists

Hope the trip down to Florida is a lot less trouble than you imagine and that there is an aisle seat for you.  If you get up and stump around the cabin maybe the steward will get the hint and move you into business or first where they have those neat little footstool thingies under the seat!  

It may pay to mention that you're concerned about DVT as you're just recently (don't say when!) post op. There's been a court finding down this way that may have opened the door for DVT sufferers against airlines and I'm tipping they will be pretty sensitive on the issue for a while!

Have a great holiday?  I suppose you'll be lining up for beach volleyball in Florida next?

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