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Author Topic: iliotibial band problem  (Read 3704 times)

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iliotibial band problem
« on: February 22, 2005, 08:09:56 PM »
 :-[I had surgery last April for what was thought to be a torn meniscus. There ended up being no tears, just a lot of synovitis.  I was back running in 6 weeks, but by Sept. was down with ITBS.  I layed off for 6 weeks with little change, tried running again and am off again.  My right IT band is so sore.  Have tried all the exercises and stretches.  Just recently tried the foam roller which hit more trigger points then I thought possible.  It only made my knee hurt worse.  I have been to three OS which all basically blew me off--said to quit running.  Anybody have any suggestions?

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Re: iliotibial band problem
« Reply #1 on: February 22, 2005, 10:10:07 PM »
Check out the overuse injuries section further down.  There is a ton of information and quite a few links to treatment for ITBS or ilio-tibial band syndrome.  Look up all the variations--IT band syndrome, ITBS, ITBFS (friction syndrome), runner's knee, and so forth.  Lots of links and good information, with extensive information things we've done to calm the knee down.

I had great results by combining acupuncture, physical therapy with phonophoresis (ultrasound with cortisone cream to knock back the swelling), and intensive tissue lengthening massage--either myo-fascial release or ROLF work.  You will find more details in my posts in that section.  Look through all the pages there and open threads that relate to your topic.

You will also need to find a GREAT physical therapist.  Try to find sports medicine clinics that do performance enhancement work for particular sports--likely you will find a clinic that caters to runners.  They will have tons of experience with ITBS.

Another thing to consider is whether you have any scarring around the IT band or its insertion points along and below the lateral aspect of the knee.  This is how I triggered my ITBS--I had arthroscopic surgery for a torn meniscus, meniscal cyst, patellar shaving, and lateral release.  This resulted in my body forming tons of scar tissue, especially at the distal ITB insertion point--likely because the IT band had to be surgically retracted to get to the stuff that required fixing in the knee.  So if you don't get a good result after a couple months of intensively and correctly treating the ITBS, you may need to look for other culprits.  But for now, ITBS is enough to lay you low, believe me.

Oh, and on the foam roller...I know it hurts.  It also may temporarily make your knee hurt worse.  But you've got to do it.  There is not way to avoid it.  You may want to start with other ITB stretches that you will find in the overuse injuries section.  Look at the assisted stretches (Ober and Thomas helped me immensely) that can be done with your PT, and the stuff you can do at home, like the one with the sash (I use a dog leash, which works great).  Anyway, these gentler stretches can help loosen things enough that the foam roller isn't agony.  But don't throw the roller away--it is the single most effective thing you can do.  I know how badly it hurts.  Maybe your OS can help you with some major anti-inflams or even painkillers for a few days/weeks while you get the ITB loosened up?  Or your GP?  The PT can also do phonophoresis afterward, which feels fantastic.  A home TENS unit (aka e-stim) can also help reduce your pain so you're able to continue the intense stretches.

Here are a few things to get you started:

Overuse problems of the knee, found in the "Specialist's Office" section of the board.

This is a link inside the above section, with lots of great information:

Good luck.  You might want to post in the 'rehab problems' section because it gets more traffic.  Later, your threads can be archived in the overuse section.  Just a suggestion.

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Re: iliotibial band problem
« Reply #2 on: February 23, 2005, 12:26:43 AM »
Just another thought, have you been evaluated for maltracking or malalignment? I had one OS convinced I had ITBS and I just couldnt' get over it. Turned out that I may have had ITBS but I also had malalignment.

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