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Author Topic: post -menscal arthroscopy- two weeks after-  (Read 1004 times)

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post -menscal arthroscopy- two weeks after-
« on: February 22, 2005, 03:29:55 PM »
I had undergone meniscectomy on 05 th Feb for Partial median menscal tear(MINOR TEAR) .Doc also informed me that he could find some erosion of the cartilage at the site.

came back home the same day and had an hassle free one week while resting at home for the first week. but I had to travel by air(three hour flight) on 8th day and walk while attending an official exhibition .indeed Ihad positive signal from doc in doing this.since coming bacck home(10 th day)  I was feeling fatigue, pain little swelling and uneasiness while sitting at posture for 5 mts at a stretch. Idont know why? doc says ; no need to worry .

fromthe day 2nd ihad been doing  the exerciseas advised by doc: 1. raising the the leg for 40 degree angle while lying down on my back.

2. bending the knee.

soon after arthoscopy,doctor was even confident to send me back to badminton court /tennis court 3 weeks after .now seeing my poor knee performance 12 days after arthoscopy Idoubt whether Iwould be able to drive after one month. Ido drive now but find uneasiness and pain after 10 mtsof driving

pls advise ....what i should do and not to do...pls tell me if this uneasiness is normal after surgey and how long it takes to get back to normal
badminton player,39 years old m.

based MRI one doctor suggested me go  Arthroscopy and another doctor advise not to go for the same since the medial meniscal tear so small. no play and wait.pls adv