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Author Topic: Reinjured knee? or something else?  (Read 717 times)

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Reinjured knee? or something else?
« on: February 22, 2005, 01:57:32 AM »
I had an acl reconstruction 2 years ago. I went for a ski vacation with my friend while on reading week and being active university students we decided to rent snowboards (normally I'm a skiier). After doing fairly well for a beginner I had a huge crash. The hill was icy and I started to fall. Because of the ice I kept sliding and crashed inot some bushes with my board caught at an awkward angle in the air. My friend released me from the board and my knee was sore (needless to say I slid down the rest of the hill). My knee was swollen but there was very little pain. I went into the first aid clinic and they said they couldn't diagnose me, they didn't have enough knowledge.

The next dayÖ
I went skiing (I know, so smart). But I didnít have pain while skiing. In fact I donít have pain anytime the knee is bent. Swelling was down, but there was still a little.

2 days later...
Right now, most of the swelling is down. The knee is generally stiff. I have quite a bit of flexion, but not my normal full ROM. I have complete extension but it takes a lot of effort and when I extend while walking I experience pain on the medial side of the knee, up towards the quad. This pain is not a stabbing pain, it is more of an ache and I think it's from stiffness.

I never experienced the initial sharp pain that I had when I first tore my acl. The first time I tore my acl the pain did not last, my knee was extremely stable and I had minimal swelling until I went in an airplane. This isnít like it. Iím wondering if I did something to my MCL and was wondering if people had any opinions or thought I should go see my PT asap? I go back to uni soon so if I have to see PT I need to get an appointment soon! Thanks!
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