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Author Topic: Huge lump of scar tissue  (Read 1120 times)

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Huge lump of scar tissue
« on: February 19, 2005, 12:09:04 AM »
My Background: I'm 15 y/o, i've been having knee problems for 4 years now. I did PT for 2.5 years with little to no improvement. My doctor did a arthroscopic surgery on my left, he cleaned up some chondromalcia and removed my plica, he did this in both knees. It's been about a year since the first surgery and i hadn't improved. My doctor suspected PFS so i did PT for that, mc connel taping and a brace. I noticed that the mc connel taping right after i would put it on would stop some sort of aching in the knee. With this knowlede my os wanted to try a lateral release on my left knee. So yesterday i had my 3rd arthroscopic surgery and he opted not to do the lateral release because they found this huge lump of scar tissue stretching across my knee, almost as though the plica they removed had returned. My doctor has no idea how all that scar tissue could have gotten there but in order to prevent it from happening again hes got me using this cryo-cuff thing and tonight i'm supposed to be getting this continuous motion machine for 4 hours a day. I was very sure that i had this patellar tilt, its visible, when i tilt it toward the middle it feels a lot better, and sometimes i feel like i can feel it riding on the outside of the patellar groove.

I'm incredibly frusterated that my os didn't do the lateral release, i realize this scar tissue could have been part of the problem but why would my knee respond to all the things that help patellar tilt if i didn't have it? Sry for rambling on i'm just somewhat frusterated. If anyone has gone through anything similiar or has ne input i would love to hear from you.
2 surgeries dedicated to plica removal. 1 to remove scar tissue in my left knee. And another “pie crusting” of my IT Band. As of 2012 I am still not recovered.

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Re: Huge lump of scar tissue
« Reply #1 on: February 19, 2005, 04:51:03 PM »
You should be glad your OS didn't do a lateral release. Many times they are done for the wrong reason and just end up causing more problems. Believe me, scar tissue can cause a lot of pain and biomechanical problems. I'm sure your OS removed the scar tissue then checked the biomechanics of the joint. If you no longer had the patellar tilt, the LR wasn't needed. 

Jump down to the Soft Tissue section lower on the board and check out some of the posts about people dealing with scar tissue. Be glad your OS found it and removed it. Now be careful how you rehab so it doesn't return.

Torn quad tendon repair & VMO advancement 4/99, MUA with LOA 10/99, Patella baja and arthrofibrosis, LR & medial release & LOA 5/01, LOA & chondroplasty 6/03,TKR on 11/06, MUA 12/06. From perfect knees to a TKR in 7 years, all from a fall on a wet floor...and early undiagnosed scar tissue.