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Author Topic: Continuing knee problems 10 months post surgery  (Read 1913 times)

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Continuing knee problems 10 months post surgery
« on: August 15, 2002, 05:47:50 PM »
Hi.  I could use some thoughts on this issue.  

10 months ago I had ACL reconstruction with my hamstring tendon(because I have patella issues already and bad knees in general) as well as repair of my medial meniscus.  Aggressive PT caused a major flair up of patellar tendonitis and eventually it got to the point where I could do no exercises so they gave up on me.  I am back in PT at another location.  Exercises are going okay, but I still experience pain.  My actual concern is this: on occasion (once a week roughly) if I am walking or I step off a curb my knee will seemingly jam into hyperextension which causes severe, sharp pain which is immediately followed by my knee giving way.  I have been doing a lot of weights in PT so my quad stregnth is decent.  Could my quad strength still not be enough to stabilize the knee joint, or is this something else entirely which I should be concerned about?  

Any thoughts?